Average Charter Flight Cost

Estimated average cost of charter flights

This section will break down some basic aircraft categories to help you determine the average charter cost more accurately. The Bahamas Air Charter and Privatjet Airfares Built on our Ft. Lauderdale base charter base, the firm provides on-demand charter throughout the entire Karibbean and beyond. With our committed staff you can book your next flight charter to the Bahamas. Simply let us know when and where, and we will go beyond that to offer the ultimate charter adventure.

Thanks to a wide affiliate ecosystem and JV arrangements, we have a huge 24/7 available pool to take you through the wonderful Bahamas isles. Leightweight aircraft accommodate up to seven people and offer a convenient and relaxed airline charter in the Bahamas. You have an average cruise of 500 mbph and a non-stop reach of 1,500 mils.

Dual engined reciprocating airplanes are usually the most cost efficient option for chartering to the Bahamas. Accommodating up to six people, they can arrive and depart from less frequented airport with short take-off and landing strips so you can reach several of the smaller Bahamian and Caribbean islets.

Its average top speeds are 235 km/h and its top reach is 990 mi. Turbo-prop planes can also arrive at smaller aerodromes, so you can reach a wide array of coveted locations including Exuma, Eleuthera and Harbour Island. You have an average cruise of 550 mbph and a max non-stop reach of 2,500 mi.

A variety of deluxe comforts can be set up to improve your flight comfort and boost your overall flight time. Featuring an average cab elevation of over 6' and room for up to 16 occupants plus baggage, large aircraft offer the most roomy interiors and the most sophisticated flying experiences. Selected aircraft have two full toilets, many of which are fitted with other facilities such as flight stewardesses, caterers, online entertainments, Wi-Fi, video conferencing, massaging and more.

The average cruise velocity of heavier aircraft is 550 km/h with a max reach of 4,000 mi. heavier aircraft need a longer take-off and landing strip and can therefore only be flown to the large Bahamas aerodromes. Andros Town, Andros Town, Andros Town, Andros Town, Bahamas. CCZ, Chub Cay, Chub Cay, Chub Cay, Bahamas. Cape Eleuthera, Cape Eleuthera, Bahamas.

COX, Congo Town, Congo Town, Congo Town, Bahamas. North Eleuthera, Bahamas. GHB, Governors Harbour, Governors Harbour, Governors Harbour, Bahamas. GHC, Big Port, Big Port, Big Port, Bahamas. MAI, Mangrove Cay, Mangrove Cay, Bahamas. NAS, Nassau International, Nassau, Bahamas. PID, Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas. PPO, Powell Point, Powell Point, Powell Point, Bahamas. SAQ, San Andros, San Andros, San Andros, Bahamas.

His Majesty's, Spanish Wells, Spanish Wells, Spanish Wells, Bahamas. TZN, South Andros, South Andros, South Andros, Bahamas. WZY, Paradise Island Seaplane Base, Nassau, Bahamas. Nassau Beach Resort, West Bay Street, Nassau. Nassau Beach Resort, West Bay Street, Nassau. The Nassau Beach Hotel, West Bay Street, Nassau. Nassau Beach Resort, West Bay Street, Nassau.

The Nassau Beach Hotel, West Bay Street, Nassau. Nassau Beach Resort, West Bay Street, Nassau. The Nassau Beach Hotel, West Bay Street, Nassau.

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