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Get in touch with Elite Taxi for transportation & shuttle services, medical transportation, airport shuttle, party bus & Elite Taxi Cab in Phoenix offers the best Phoenix taxi and taxi services in the valley. Look for other taxis in Pendleton on YP.com.

Sleep Inn Andy called us a taxi for the airport and Juan was there in a few minutes! Post reviews and photos for Elite Taxi.

332 SE Dorion Ave Elite Taxi, Pendleton, OR 97801

My trip to work and food shop is once a week, I have had many enjoyable times and I am generally happy with your services. 5-20 mins was my avarage waiting period over the years if I would advise. Bollocks. Simply and simply bulshit and bulshit and bullshit and bulshit and bulshit in an even worse place at all.

I' ve phoned several numbers a time during the course of the working days and haven't even had someone who answers the telephone until today. My man had to take a taxi to work today when he phoned, they said they did not come at certain hours and that he had to await them when they arrived there.

Dude tells him to get his shit out of his auto because he didn't have the fucking time. The only taxi in Pendleton you really need to pull yourself together and be nice to your clients. My last personal lesson was that one lesson later your rider was only 15-20 min away.

NEWS FASH it doesn't take an hours to go anywhere in this city. I was over half an hours too late for work. I don't think we should have to foot the bill for this fucking outfit. I' m calling an elite cab at 11:00 for a drive home. What are they calling themselves a taxi company? I think Lou from Elitetaxi is fantastic.

Recommended to anyone using an Elite taxi to ask for Lou! Terrible services, they don't hesitate or get a phone number for the celebration they pick up. You don't show up on schedule. He is very impolite and will gladly call if you doubt his arriving hours.

Elite-Taxi in Waterville, ME

Well, I was calling a cab to work an extra hour. That' s all. I' ll write this 30 mins later. The elite didn't respond when I phoned to see where they were, I should go to work now, I'm still at home, no taxi, no calling, nothing. Not a show for Elite.

That'?s no way to let a client down. Worst taxi in the area. Too long to come and get me at least 10 min. I have never had the wish to give them 1 star. THEN I WAS EXPLAINED 1 HR BEFORE I KNOW IT 2 HR NO TAXI YET. AND SHE GAVE GIVENED ME ONE EXCUSE AFTER ANOTHER.


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