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U.S. Virgin Island Part 135 Commuter Airline for sale

It is a singular occasion to purchase a 135 (commuter) airline located in the USA, which operates exclusively for Beechcraft 1999. It currently operates scheduled non-scheduled passengers and freight services between the US Virgin Isles, Dominica, St. Kitts & Nevis. In July 2014, the airline launched the services as an on-demand charters provider offering combined freight/passenger services between the USVI and select East Indies.

It was planned to retrofit the certification for full commuters in order to offer regular services to St. Thomas (also USVI to Puerto Rico possible) in the profitable St. Croix airport network at peaks. Only in the first 10 month of 2015 did the total revenues from the on-demand services exceed $2 million.

Servicing and administration personnel and route operators in the East Caribbean are at the company's disposal. Recently, the airline launched an unprecedented expedited mail/courier delivery system named "shop net", which converts US online sales to the East Caribbean via US Post on the Virgin Islands. In Dominica, this transshipment facility has grown dramatically to create over 2,500 running users with nearly 100 parcels shipped every day.


In a desperate attempt to resell a charters provider to credible buyers, a Belgium judge is.... Formerly a daughter of the insolvent Sabena Belgium World Airlines, and surviving the downfall of its mother at the end of last year, it operates under the protection of its Chapter 11-like family. Last weekend, the court's decision to divest the airline to Aldo Vastapane, a commercial tycoon leading a strongly diverse group, did not materialise when airline drivers refused the suggested pay-cut.

There is still Air India for sale - and nobody wants to buy it.

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