Pco Badge Renewal

Renewal of the Pco-Badge

Please send me an application for a rental car license or an extension. The operation of a privately rented car requires a license. License is for one year and car must meet the terms of the rate. In order to request a car rental license, you must complete the on-line registration below: When your request is approved, you will receive a number plate which must be attached to the outside of the car.

Some of the cars are not suited for rent. Before you buy a car, you should ask our license staff for help. Every car that receives a personal rental contract must be well serviced. An inspection is carried out annually on each car to make sure that it is driving. For a complete listing of license terms, see the following document:

Driving a car privately costs £229. There is a charge of 68 for the temporary assignment of the license plates, and 98 for the temporary assignment of the license plates. There are £67 for a rental caravan. Fees for a retainer (refund on disc return) are £36, for borrowing a disc (refund on disc return) £36.

In order to extend your valid cab permit, you must complete the following on-line form: In order to assign your cab permit or your car property, you must complete the on-line registration below:

Informations for taxis and landlords actual licence holders and new candidates | Taxis and landlords licenses

From now on you can request a renewal of your license in the license area. Payment of your license fees is possible during the on-line registration procedure. If you have already obtained an activity code and set up your on-line license agreement. Before applying for your license, you must review all vehicle/licence slips and terms and regulations.

Read the step-by-step instructions if you need help applying for your renewal now. Read the Renewal Procedure Manual if you need help filing your documentation. When this is your first renewal on-line, please use the Contacts page to obtain an activity code and more details on how to set up your license agreement.

To extend taxi/private rentals of drivers, you must receive a Group 2 medical and disclosure certificate every 3 years. You will not renew your taxi/private rental driver's license if you do not present the results of a Group 2 medical and disclosure and revocation certificate within the appropriate deadlines.

In order to become a rental car owner, you must present identity papers and meet your locale guidelines. In order to begin this procedure, you need to have downloaded the guides and the request forms. Details of how to apply and how to meet compliance requirements are given in the guidelines.

As soon as you have filed your request, a member of the license team will get in touch with you; please allow at least 14 working days to respond. Before you can take the necessary exams to become a cabbie, you must first register as a professional cabbie.

Bookings and changes of car registrations are only processed after consultation in the town halls in the town hall. They must submit the required filled out request forms and applicable documentation. In the case of new privately rented cars, you must also observe our car inspection manual before presenting your car on a test bench.

In April 2017, we implemented a limit/cap of 155 for the number of Hackney Carriage Vehicle licenses. For more information on managing the capture, see the Political Overview. In order to become an owner, you must meet your own compliance requirements by offering improved discovery and a revocation certification.

In order to begin this procedure, please use the online enquiry request below for an informative conversation. In order to meet the requirements of your driver's license, car and driver's license, please use the enquiry sheet with information on any changes to your situation and/or events you wish to report to us.

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