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Prior to the merger with Charter Communications and Bright House Networks, Time Warner Cable managed the package of ISPs in our core business (Racine, Mount Pleasant, Oak Creek, Milwaukee). Over many years, it provided significantly more broadband or high-speed connectivity capability than its immediate rivals. At its prime, it provided facilities, and these rates, through coaxial cables - this is the same cables used to provide wired television and wireless network facilities to many households today.

Probably recall the high-speed web access as a Road Runner. However, Time Warner ensured its business clients high performance and dependability on the web through prioritisation and technological action (using the same coaxial cable). Following the acquisition of Time Warner Cable, it became Spectrum or Spectrum Business through Charter Communications®.

Prices for their coaxial web site service fell at an exponential rate. Velocities: With the price changes, the speed of the available websites also rose at an exponential rate. Service Level Agreement (SLA). While it may seem like a fleecy, generics business deal, it does carry a lot of importance when it comes to your web connectivity. As a rule, an ISP is guaranteed to have an access to the World Wide Web (SLA):

Velocities: This means that you get the speed you are paying for and the speed you have pledged to your business. Do not confuse with speed or band width. Parcel loss: Networking is split into parcels and sent/received. If you have an lost loop on your network, you will need to resend packages, resulting in a delay. Small package losses are usually not noticed when surfing and downloading the web, but can cause severe problems with real-time applications such as voice calling and streamed videos.

If a problem arises, our clients can count on a guarantee of responsiveness (similar to our Managed Service programs). Because you know how much your company depends on its connectivity. Enterprises are increasing their dependency on their connectivity with the fast deployment of clamp service (e.g. MS Offices 365) and telephony system like 3CX.

This strong dependency requires an ultra dependable web connectivity. Spectrum recently silently removed the existing set of slaves for its coax-based web service and switched to its best effort offer. That means the agglomerate no longer guarantees the speed you are paying for. We have recently encountered customers who can often only get 30-50% of the speed indicated by their web schedules.

Smaller problems with an ISP lead to larger problems with VoIP (Voice over IP Protocol) telephone system such as 3CX. Package losses and latencies may not be detected when you use other web features such as web browse and e-mail. However, since these communications are made via lighting, joints are much less susceptible to noise and spacing restrictions.

Not only are fiber-based connectivity much more robust and dependable, it also has an enormous amount of extra capacitance. Where do I log in? fibre web -???????? At the moment, fiber-based web restrictions are available and expensive. Those restrictions strongly depend on how near you are to Spectrum's legacy fibre optic networking infrastructures.

In contrast to the coaxial networks, which have been in existence for many years and have finally found their way into almost all households and companies, fibre optic is still relatively new and is being expanded. The cost of fibre removal can be high - we have seen estimations of up to 100,000 dollars. Luckily, most upgrade prices are much lower, and Spectrum is willing to pay the cost of replacing a multi-year maintenance contract.

Spectrum's coax-based web site is highly cost-effective and ideal for organizations that only need to email, surf or listen. But removing SLAs and the business was just a little more risky. In particular, we encourage all enterprises using a coaxial IP link for Voice over IP to consider switching to a fiber-based IP link as soon as possible.

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