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I also used the 1300cabs line. 13 cabins Australia's most intelligent cab application offers the biggest cab hire in Australia, anytime, anywhere. 13cabs makes it simple for you to make bookings, follow, buy - and travel! The 13cabs application lets you select the journey you want, whether you're driving alone, want a luxury trip, travel in a group or need a wheelchair-friendly car.

Fill in your credentials for fast and safe payments from the 13cabs application. You can use the 13cabs application to keep an eye on your taxi as it nears your pick-up area.

I need a referral for dependable collection of Melbourne taxis - Melbourne Forum

I need help again, please for our forthcoming journey to Melbourne. We' re coming out of our rental in Port Melbourne. Could anyone suggest a dependable taxidriver we can call to organise the pick-up? I' ve found a listing of taxis, but I' m reluctant to call anyone because of the stories I' ve seen on the TA page and others about taxis not showing up!

I' ve used 13 CABS on various occasions-latest last week-and never run into a bot. I' ve always reserved the cab for a certain period of your stay and you have reached your destination on schedule - if not early. So the only times I had trouble were at my best.

In case you make an advance booking the evening before, you will have no problem at this point. Hello, the tramway goes from Port Melbourne to Sofitel and will run on schedule! Since the first streetcar does not depart from Pt Melbourne until 5:33 a.m., the streetcar options do not work for you.

You should be able to call a taxi at this early bird's-eye moment and get to your destination within a maximum of 10 min. in the harbour of Melebourne - sending it to the next cabin via your satellite system. Using the Silver Top, if the rider is not on schedule, you can call the operator and he will call the rider for you and exactly tell you how far away he is.

Many " no shows " with taxis are due to the fact that the driver could not take the trouble to go inside to find someone.

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