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Air Alaska Logo

Many believe that the logo was inspired by Chester Seveck or Oliver Amouak, both Alaska Natives. The legendary Eskimo of Alaska Airlines gets a new look. As part of a wide-ranging trademark upgrade, on Monday Alaska Airlines presented a redesign of the airline's corporate logo and Eskimo's icon face, which has been at the end of the airline's aircraft since the early 1970s. "We' ve been growing enormously in the last 5 years by creating 90 new stores and 26 new towns, and as we grew larger and went to all these new places, we needed a corporate image that was new, contemporary, pertinent, but also reflects who was inside," said Sangita Woerner, VP of Alaska' s Today in the Sky Department of Corporate Communications.

Changing the logo - or word mark - is subtile. Essentially, it is a slimming down of the capitol "A" in Alaska and a total greasing of the script. These colours have narrative designations to indicate the places where Alaska is flying and the emotions the wearer hoped the picture would evoke: Eskimo face first appears on the tail planes of Alaska Airlines aircraft in 1972.

At that time, the firm had a color scheme with four logos that contained a token pile, a goldminer, towers (representing the early Soviet legacy in Alaska) and a local Alaska in a fur-lined park. Eskimo became a fleet-wide rear logo in 1976, although in 1988 the airline thought about leaving the Eskimo and creating a high-altitude rear area.

It was put aside after the people of Alaska protested. Alaska Airlines' first aircraft with the new word mark, Eskimo face and refreshing color scheme was unveiled on Monday afternoons at a gathering of more than 1,800 Alaska Airlines staff in the airline's Seattle hangar. AIRLINE: ALASKA AIRLINES: Who' s at the rear of Alaska Airlines' aircraft?

Alaska' s new brand-name went online on the airline's website and application on Monday afternoons. Travellers travelling Tuesday mornings via Seattle-Tacoma International Airport will see an update of their logo at the gate of Alaska and in the Lounge area. Until the end of 2016, the new logo is to be installed at more than 100 aerodromes where Alaska is represented.

Alaska Airlines' members of the Alaska Airlines Meleage Plan will receive new tickets this coming early this year that mirror the new Alaska brand. Woerner also said that "close to summer" Alaska will be changing the name of the Seattle, Portland, Anchorage and Los Angeles lounge from the Board Room to the Alaska Lounge.

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