How much is it to Rent a Jet

What does it cost to rent a jet?

The charter costs depend on factors such as the route, the type of jet, additional services and much more. What should a private jet cost? Hiring a jet ski from Adventures at Sea is a great family-friendly experience that children will love.

Jet ski rental properties in Panama City Beach

Let yourself be enchanted by one of our high-performance Yamaha VX-110s and experience the wave at your fingertips. Safe to store up to 400 pounds, our devices have a range of security functions. or be a go-getter to have a good one. Book your meeting in advanced by making a reservation now to guarantee the best possible dates, or simply drop by one of our many beaches and register for the next available spot.

Everyone on or after January 1, 1988 and operating a 10 HP or higher boat must take an authorized boat security course and have a photo ID and a boat security training certificate from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. You can take the test in our marina if you wish to obtain the map.

We are in the sugary sand behind many of the favorite Panama City beach hotel and condo properties. We are also favorably situated on the Great Lagoon, directly on Thomas Drive and opposite Capt. Anderson's Marina. We rent the boat. Jet skis can be driven within 500 metres of our offices or one of the other jet ski stalls we have down on the shore.

To rent Jet Skis in Panama City you must be 18 years old. Each operator must present a passport with a photograph and take a safety course for boaters (see next FAQ). Unless you have a driver's licence or other photographic identification, we recommend that you obtain a state identity document from your nearest Ministry of Motor Vehicles before your holiday.

Boater Safety courses can be taken at our Panama City Yacht Harbor, Thomas Drive, or at one of our jet ski hire stands comfortably situated on the beaches behind the Panama City Hotel and Motel. The course will take approximately 30 min to finish and there is a $3 charge for the issuance of a boat security pass.

Everyone hired Panama City Jet skis who was hired on or after January 1, 1988 must have a photo ID in their own person AND a boating security certification from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. You can take the test in our marina if you wish to obtain the map.

Normally 5 years or older have the best experiences due to the wave of the sea and the velocity of the jetskis. When you ride alone and go with the ripples, wait!

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