Private Jet Repositioning

Repositioning of private jets

Estimated time an aircraft repositions itself and moves from its current position to the departure position of the journey. It maximizes efficiency and allows private jet travellers to book a flight at a reduced price. Private jet deals with empty legs.

Reposition period - definition of private jet charter

The changeover period is determined as the period of flight taken by an aeroplane still on the floor to move into a new location and reach its present take-off location. The conversion period is therefore the amount of working hours needed for an airplane to move from its present location to the desired point of take-off.

Just like the cab turn around it is the overall turn around of the airplane that moves on the floor from the boarding gate towards the take-off and landing runways, but begins from the moment the airplane begins to position itself on the cab bay, as opposed to the cab turnaround that begins at the point where the airplane takes off.

A plane can begin the transfer at any point on the runway, provided the plane is still maneuvering from the runway to the end of the runway. Example: When an airplane leaves the gates, it is moved back by a toecar and the cab ride starts when the gates are cut off, while the transfer ride starts at the point where the toecar moves the airplane.

The repositioning can be used in many airplane timing applications. The ETA (estimated ETA ) is determined for an aeroplane at its final location. Assuming an aircraft's initial estimation for cab ride was 5 min and it was kept in transition longer, its ETA would have changed at the target aerodrome.

The changeover periods tended to be much longer for more profitable carriers due to the immobility of the turbines. For jet charter, usually ultra medium, lightweight and very lightweight aircraft, the reduction time is much shorter. Reduced transfer time leads to shorter flying periods and thus lower costs.

Its capacity to handle the heavy congestion at large aerodromes and its low costs make it one of the most rapidly expanding industrial sectors in the planet, and without fast changeover they would not go so far. Nobody loves being caught in the non-air-conditioned atmosphere of an airplane just sitting there ready to be shifted back and going to the loading bay to roll to the take-off area.

The Charterjets have solved this issue with shorter turnaround time.

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