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Taxi Téo - DE - FR. It is also possible to book a taxi in advance. Are you in town and need Montreal Taxi, Montreal Taxi Taxi, or Montreal Taxi in my area?

Montreal: Taxis & Car Hire

Taxi's aren't all amber, so look for the lighted taxi fire on any common auto. And, of course, you'll be ridden by Montreal riders, so wait! You can stop a taxi on the road or at a taxi rank in the city centre - you take the first taxi on the rank and you are not permitted to stop a taxi within 60 metres (about half a block) of a rank.

Or you can call for a taxi, but you'll have to give an adress and a name - if you're outside, just look for the number of a block and you' re in the door; if you can call a taxi before yours arrives, it would be nice to call back and cancels.

Diamond Taxi (514-273-6331), Co-op Taxi (514-725-9885), Hochelaga Taxi (514-256-9033), Champlain Taxi (514-273-2435) and Turcot Taxi (514-825-8743). It is also possible to book a taxi in advanced. Montreal has around 450 specialized cabs for the disabled - 2 automated chairs fits in 1 minivan taxi. You can find a listing of the taxi operators offering this type of services on the Québec Taxi Drivers' Portal:

Taxi adapté Montreal schedule. Security advice for taking taxis/taxis to places other than Montreal: for travellers and locals in their home town. Pay attention to the taxi service, the number of the driving position and/or the number and/or the name of the chauffeur (especially at night). Although this is quite uncommon, since the passengers had no information that they could give to the taxi drivers or the taxi drivers, it was not possible to carry out a follow-up investigation.

One hundred and one for a cab. Our services are available 24 hours a days in Montreal.

Because I wanted a taxi to come and get me at 5 in the morning, I phoned the previous morning, not only that they could give me a good quote (drive around town), the taxi came at 4:58 and it costed me quite a bit what they said (even $2 less :)).

I found my taxi firm so punctually and reliably. Our experienced chauffeurs arrive quickly, usually within a few short moments. Throughout the years we have established a strong renown for providing first class services and helpful chauffeurs, and our policies are to offer a fast and secure taxi experience to all of our clients.

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