20 Min Cab Ride Cost

Taxi ride cost 20 minutes

However, on May 3rd our relationship with the taxis will change. Note: Since 1 December 2017, taxi fares have risen by 20%. A taxi ride will cost you anywhere in the world. A 3 mile taxi ride includes a basic charge and the cost of the distance travelled.

Take a Taxi in Playa Del Carmen Guide

In Playa Del Carmen taking a cab is relatively straightforward to navigate as well as cost effective. In comparison to other places and even other parts of Mexico, cabs are quite affordable. This is a basic guideline so you know how much you have to charge for a cab in Playa Del Carmen and some of the other things you should know.

Here you can see our current videoclip of our interviews with the PR of the cabs in Playa Del Carmen. And we asked about the mood of the cabs. The Playa Del Carmen cabs are neat and there seems to be a good amount available, except when it is raining (like everywhere else in the world).

The majority of cabs are smaller vehicles, i.e. a vehicle for a max. of 3-4 persons. In Playa Del Carmen, many cabs are Nissan Tida style, with plenty of space in the back seats for a more convenient ride. Tip or don't tip a cabbie?

There' two ways to get a cab. They can be on the streets or at a booth. These are the detail for both and the cost. You can call cabs on the road just by lifting your arms. Attempt to be respectful of everyone else and select a place where the cab can drive over and out of town.

Pricing is determined in the course table as you will see below. Road cabs are the same as the cabs at the cab booths. Funktaxis and periodic road cabs are available in some states. Funktaxis are sometimes regarded as more secure if you take a cab out onto the road.

At Playa Del Carmen the two cabs are the same at the booths and on the road. At a booth in Playa Del Carmen you simply charge more for a cab. Take a cab from a cab rank or your local hotels. Cab ranks are places where more people have to take a cab.

If you use the cabs, you will be charged slightly more (usually 5 plus a peso, but your kilometres may vary). We do not have any additional charges, so taxes can be charged at the booths. To take a cab, the best place is the ADO coach terminal on Juarez Avenue. Taxidrivers are okay, but they are infamous for asking too much of you for the "extra" stall surcharge.

What are the taxis? These are some beloved places where you can find taxis in Playa Del Carmen. Beside the ADO coach terminal on Fifth Avenue and Juarez Avenue. Fifth Avenue and tenth Street next to the Starbucks. and 12th Street, where a lot of folks stop after nightcaps.

Fifth Avenue and Constituyentes Avenue. Fifth Avenue et thirty-eighth Street. What do Playa Del Carmen cabs cost? Please note: Since 1 December 2017, taxi fares have risen by 20%. Taxi's are not measured in Playa Del Carmen, but there is a map of the areas and how much it should be. When you ask how much at the end of your trip you will often be billed 5 pesos or more separately.

Knowing the price or even having a graph with you saves you from being overweight. Have a look at our articles here to prevent fraud by using cabs. A few cab riders are English speaking, those who work from cab stops are more English speaking as more tourists get them from cab stops.

When you are not sure which costs will actually be incurred, you can ask before you arrive. It'?s not the end of the worlds if you are paying a little more than the real rates, but... don't let a cabbie take you away, trying to overburden you after you have made the trip.

For those who live outside Playa Del Carmen and want to take a cab, the rates are here. Underneath is a picture we took of the offical cab fares from a cabistand. Note that the price of the cab depends on how many persons you have. Del Carmen Playa cabs will take you to Riviera along the Maya Riviera, but it's not inexpensive.

If you pay a peso, you get the officially quoted price. These are the offical rates from a Playa Del Carmen taxis booth for non Playa Del Carmen accommodation. Tip: If your Spanish doesn't meet the requirements, get a map with the street name when you arrive at your accommodation so that you can show it the street name you want to go to when you get into a cab.

Sometime you have a group and just want to go somewhere around Playa Del Carmen. It is a great way to go out for a stroll in Playa Del Carmen or get your group of friends or families to their destinations. As there are no counters in taxi cabs, it is dependent on which zone you go to and from where.

The largest part of the centre of Playa Del Carmen is classified as zone 1. This card should be available to all taxi drivers, but often not. So, if you are planning to take cabs a long time, you can store this information and carry it with you so you know the right one.

Could you take a cab to Cancun International Station? Please note that there is a high flat fee from the Playa Del Carmen to Playa Del Carmen airport, but the way to the Playa Del Carmen is better negotiated, but the personal chauffeur is with him. Take a cab to the aerodrome. That' about 650 picos from Fifth Avenue at a cab rank.

Please read our full price and information articles here for more information on travel byADO coach or personal transfers to the airports. From Playa Del Carmen can I take a cab to Cancun? This is a very common request because locals in Cancun want to come to Playa Del Carmen or the other way around.

Well, the answer's yes, but it's gonna cost you. All over the globe, a cab ride will cost you. From Playa Del Carmen there is an officially quoted 670p from Cancun or 700p to the Cancun Hotel Zone. You can consider these possibilities to get between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen if this is too high a cost.

This is a group service between 2 Street in Playa Del Carmen and right next to the ADO terminal in Cancun. The price is about 34p per passenger and distance. The journey takes about 45 min. All you have to do is take a cab to and from your destination.

A further possibility is to take the ADO coach from Cancun ADO to Playa Del Carmen ADO on Juarez and Fifth Avenue. There are two places where tourists can take a cab near Fifth Avenue. Think about the fact that cab ranks are changing more. Since there is no formal flat fee for the taxis on the normal price, simply verify before boarding.

Taxis at the ADO bus station on Fifth Ave. The Playa Del Carmen cab rank on Fifth and Constituyentes Avenues. UBER in Playa Del Carmen? About has just commenced operations in Cancun, Mexico, only 45 mins away. You will be kept up to date when this begins in Playa Del Carmen.

To read more about Uber in Cancun read our articles here. Do you have a query or comments about taking a taxi with you to Playa Del Carmen?

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