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Overview of flight charters Since our launch in 1982, we have supported travellers and companies with airplane charters, air taxis and distant logistic in Alaska.... Our network of well serviced and reliable DeHavilland Beaver and Cessna 206 planes will help you with all your charters needs.

Our planes depart from Lake Hood and Ted Stevens International Airports.

The Lake Hood is the most frequented floatplane air force in the whole word and is situated directly in Anchorage.

Travel in Alaska - Air taxis and beyond

When you think that the journey to Alaska is costly, then you have not yet travelled in Alaska!.... Actually it takes a few bucks more to get from Anchorage to my booth at Lake Clark than to get from Anchorage to Seattle. If you want to enter a secluded nature reserve like Lake Clark, Gates of the Arctic or Katmai, you have to creep into a small plane and be willing to earn serious money.

It is not only a logistical challenge to get to the remotest parts of Alaska, but also very expensive and sometimes time-consuming. When you decide on an Alaska adventurous journey that requires an aircraft, here is a listing of our preferred air travel options on Alaska's continent (this is not too easy south east or Kodiak Island!) to take you safe to and from the wild!

Rust's Flying Services - With enough aircraft for every scale, Rust's Lake Hood Anchorage provides hot air float and snow skiing services. Rust's is a company we like because of its dependability, versatility and excellent client support. Suzanne Rust (Todd Rust would argue that his better half) runs the other part of her family's Alaska Air Taxi business - this one located in Talkeetna!

Lake Clark Air offers not only a day-to-day seating rate ticket between Anchorage and the southwestern towns, but also seaplanes and powerful large-tire busliners to take you wherever you want throughout the southwestern part of the Alaska Range and the Aleuten Range. If you' re flying Lake Clark Air, you have a lot of flight histories on the pilot's area.

The Wilder dynasty owns and operates Lake and Pen Air - Another Wilder dynasty company headquartered in Anchorage and Port Alsworth (Lake Clark), Lake & Pen Air. Inexpensive seats between Anchorage, the Kenai Peninsula, Lake Clark/Iliamna Lake and the Bristol Bay area, Lake & Pen has been operating in the area for over 30 years.

They are experienced throughout the business and always welcome their clients with a grin and a standard that is often difficult to find in Alaska. The Wright Air Service - It's always great flying with Wright Air! Your planes are as cramped as their aircraft, and when you board your plane, you will immediately be alerted to the intricate volume of human and cargo they are flying around Alaska's huge interiors every single passing day. What is more, you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of the new aircraft.

When you are in Fairbanks and need to get to the Gates of the Arctic NP or the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, call them. The Brooks Range Aviation - Another of the big ones! Jesperson Jay & Judy own and operate what is probably one of the most singular air transportation in Alaska.

Headquartered in Bettles, AK - the gateway to the Arctic Gateways - these boys have the ideal navy to take any group to where they need to be in the Brooks Range. BRA has a long and rich tradition of aviation from the John River to the Noatak in this part of Alaska's far northern region.

We' ve always been amazed by their home support, their unbelievably honest commercial practice and their ultra-refined aircraft. Catmai Air - This multi-generational pilot familiy has been operating the Bristol Bay area and beyond for well over 50 years, and they have also operated some of Alaska's most renowned wildlife and sport fishing lodges, among them the Katmai National Park's renowned Brooks Lodge.

No matter whether you want to come to Brooks Camp, the Valley of 10,000 Smokes or other points in Katmai, Katmai Air is the best choice. If you have a summer residence in Kotzebue - a town on Alaska's north-west coast - your meter is your meter, then these boys will get the price for Alaska's most distant air taxi!

When you are a checklist officer and need to drive to Kobuk Valley Nationalpark, Cape Cruzenstern or Bering Land Bridge - probably the most pricey nature reserves to see in the system - call these people. In the 1980s, Doug Brewer, driver and Alaska adventurer, assisted create the conditions for the blast of back-country ski in Valdez Alaska.

It was here that he mastered his command of mountaineering and the ice landings of his DeHavilland Beaver by setting down a skier at the highest altitudes of Alaska's Chugach Mountains for far less than the helicopter. Nowadays, this familiar flight company at the gates of Northern Kenai is one of the most renowned airlines in the world.

Featuring a magnificent aircraft squadron and a real dedication to flying, these boys will take you to the harshest land in Alaska. Alaska West is your pass if you want to go skiing and climbing in the Neacola Mountains or the Chigmit Mountains. Another enterprise whose amazing achievement brings with it an unbelievable history of endurance, flying fervor and genuine affection for Alaska's biggest wildlife preserve - Wrangell-St. Elias.

For well over 30 years Kelly & Natalie Bay have been piloting the incredible complexity of Alaska's wildlife and their expertise is complemented only by their prompt and efficient work. You want to get inside Wrangell-St. Elias National Park Alaska's deeply, you've found the right flight company with these people. The Devils Mountain Lodge - Last but not least ist die Ellis Family !

For over 40 years, Kirk & Gennie Ellis have lived and operated their accommodation and flight services far into the wild of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. Kirk's experience as a flyer is truly legend and only complemented by his profound understanding of the most northerly part of our nation's biggest national park.

It all means you don't have to go to Alaska to get out! Locations such as Chugach State Park, the Talkeenta Mountains, Denali National Park and the East Alaska Range, to name but a few, have good street entry. In general, a 2-hour walk from any scout head will take you into the perfect, pathless wild and give you as much loneliness and Alaska' s grandeur as the more costly targets.

Besides aircraft, Alaska' s public transport includes sea taxi, Alaska' s boat system, helicopter, train, car hire and van shuttles. Do not hesitate to call us at any moment to get tips or proposals for your adventures in Alaska.

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