20 Seater Private Jet

20-seater private jet

with a $20 million Embraer Legacy 500 private jet and I get why Jackie Chan had one. Legacy 500 offers space for eight to twelve people. To the Embraer Legacy 500, this character is film genius Jackie Chan. I was a lifetime Jackie Chan supporter and wondered what led the actress to the Legacy 500. Here is a more detailed look at our Embraer Legacy 500 outing.

On the bustling runway of the aerodrome a silver-blue Legacy 500 was awaiting us. The Legacy 500 is a total of 68 ft long and 21 ft high with a span of 66.5 ft. It was launched in 2014 and is the latest medium-sized private jet from the Brasilian aircraft manufacturer. Whilst our demonstration was being constructed in Brazil, the Legacy 500 manufacturing was moved to the Embraer plant in Melbourne, Florida.

The Legacy 500 is an eye-catcher from an aesthetic point of view, but does without the impressive body of a large Gulfstream G650 or the slanted styling of the small HondaJet. Two Honeywell HTF 7500E turboprop HTF 7500E turbofans, each producing more than 7,000 lbs of thruster, drive the Legacy 500. The aircraft is also fitted with a Honeywell booster engine in the rear of the aircraft that can produce electrical energy and be used to launch its own aircraft engine.

Enter and the Legacy 500 really begins to amaze. They can be equipped with personal deckchairs or... ...with an option sofa. Normally the restroom is concealed under a padded chair. When we prepare for the start, I sit in the front of the cab. As I was pointing backwards, the push pressed me against my safety belt and not into my chair.

Legacy 500's max height of operation is 45,000ft. The Legacy 500 has a metallic ring that separates the synthetic material from the precious wooden ply. As private jet aircraft are said to have a lifespan of several dozen years, Jay hid from the aircraft's technology to give the cabin a more contemporary look.

Embraer also has a max cruise of 536mphs.

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