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The name of the domestic air fares after 28 October 2018 will be changed. Disabled persons or those in need of help should inform us at the booking stage. Effective after the date of issuance (date of purchase*1) or the date following the date of issuance, for 1 year* (up to and incl. the same date as the date on which the Ticket was issued one year later) *2.

The name of the ANA Mileage Club membership number The on the airline ticket is The and cannot be modified. Please note that even if airline ticket purchases are made through an on-line sale or similar means, only the individual can use them.

When changing passengers, you must first have your ticket reimbursed and then buy a new one. You are missing a prebooked trip that you cannot carry over to another one.

modification charges

It' simple to modify a booking on-line. Unless your plane departs within 24hrs. Just go to the "Manage Booking" page and make the changes. Observe the How-to-Fly type as it shows you the basics of aviation to get a fast overview of the changes to your booking data, cancellation of flights and much more you should consider when traveling at home and abroad.

You are not permitted to make name changes to your booking, only name changes. The value of your prepaid seats is applied to your new flights when you modify your flights. As well as the discrepancy between the old and the new available fares, the charges for rebooking a booking differ according to the make of ticket you purchase.

Please note: A 100% charge may apply to the cancelation of a booking (depending on the tariff tag you purchased). If you do not arrive within the specified period before your planned boarding or take-off times, you will be considered a no-show and will lose your ticket and the price associated with that route on your booking.

Failure to show up will not entitle you to a reimbursement of the value of the lost ticket. Reverse or connecting flights will also be canceled, but will remain their value and can be changed on demand. There may be re-booking fees and the fare differential between the new ticket and the old ticket, based on the original ticket purchase.

Call up your data with your last name and British Airways credential number on the PDF booking form sent with your booking receipt.

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