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Jet Industries employee reviews on Jet Industries culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security and more. JET Industries, Inc. is the Internet silencer shop for all your silent air solutions. Look what it feels like to work at Jet Industries. Corporate Research &

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I' m Jet Industries Inc. Air conditioning, heating, wood products, electrical engineering, engineering, plumbing, fire brigade, commercial heating, HVAC and HVAC domestic heating and services

We are a global supplier of electric, mechanics, communications equipment and sprinklers. At Jet Industries Inc., we are considered the leaders in retention and fulfillment. Jet Industries Inc. customers know that we offer optimized projects by delivering high-quality, full-service engineering and engineering designs that are focused on organizational, security, and operational efficiencies.

I work at Jet Industries: staff evaluations

You also use your coworkers, who are already longer there. Directed all areas of accountancy for the full-service HVAC services and construction company. Led a 7-person accountancy and IT people. Accountable for all facets of accountancy and finance reports, as well as contract costing. I have learnt great abilities from a number of instructors and have so far been enjoying my Jet experience, but I want to develop myself in the retail business and develop as a pro.

MANAGER: VERY bad managerial abilities. Couldn't turn to senior managers about problems with the manager. Evaluates its staff, keeps security in the foreground and always tries to do something better for staff and clients. Managerial staff should be kept separate from day-to-day business in the workshop, storage and installations. But the most pleasant part of the work was to go to the construction site and install what I had constructed... What does it really mean to be loyal and how can it best be done through a 50/50 relationship?

A few staff members believe it or do not believe it for more than one working days. Employee satisfaction was high, but company leadership was horrible. The majority of job would take quite a while and some of them would amaze you with extra hours. The commissioning of the industrial building HVAC system was a characteristic event.

Jet Industries is a sound business and has a great career to follow, much progress and also has great educational programmes. Poor top governance and little or no progress or offsetting. Though my immediate leadership was outstanding. It was a pleasure to learn a new profession, but the education and communications were horrible and the lessons were often over 10+ per hour.

Then, the servicing of HAC equipment by exchanging filter, belt and other parts that need to be exchanged.

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