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Water taxi Homer

Mako's Water Taxi: Full service transport within the Kachemak Bay, Alaska. Water taxi and freight services for the communities of Homer and Kachemak Bay. Kachemak Bay State Park Trails by water taxi: The Coldwater Taxi and Freight is specialized in adventure travel and photography, ready to help you explore the Kachemak Bay and South Central Alaska.

Mako's Water Taxi - Discover Kachemak Bay Homer Alaska

Kachemak Bay's southern side offers a wide range of leisure activities - from walking, cycling and campgrounds in Kachemak State Park to canoeing in the sheltered water of its creeks and inlets. No matter what your interests may be, Mako's water taxi will make the marvels of our area available to you.

Mako's wants your visit to be something really memorable and memorable. When you have walking in your minds, we know the trails. Allow Mako to help you schedule your next Kachemak Bay adventures. Mako's water taxi is owned und run by Mako Haggerty, a professional fisher by profession.

After 14 years of angling in the seas of Alaska, he launched his water taxi in 1996 to divide the miracles of the coast region of Alaska and Kachemak Bay in particular. Allow Mako's water taxi to be your gateway to the other side.

Water taxi on land

Well, this Homer-based proprietor walks like a taxi: Dave Lyon, the water taxi skipper, is the proprietor of the business and is conducting an authentically inside tour: With more than 20 years working water work for the Fish and Wildlife Department, Lyon leads fishers and big game hunters and fishes professionally.

At Lyon, we always like to ask travellers what they want to see or do for the moment. He' ll connect you with your landlord if you want to go kayaking. And if you'd like to see a few of them, stop by an egg farming facility or go on a challenging walk, he can adapt your journey accordingly.

When Lyon sees a dolphin as he drives back to the harbor, he stops so that everyone can take a good look at it in this private environment. These are the most important routes to take: Ashore you'll go wherever you need to go in State Parks and collect you whenever you want - whether you're hiking or kayaking for the afternoon, or renting a yacht or hut and want to spend a whole weekend.

Purchase an oyster from the Peterson and Jakolof Bay farms, start your trip from the jetty in Heilbutt Bay or go kayaking in Peterson Bay. Gull Island is home to nine breeding bird life forms, among them redheaded spearheads, parrot divers and, of course, seagulls.

When you have a certain style that you want to see, Lyon will help you locate it. You' ll be visiting Gull Iceland, Eldred Passage and/or Sadie Cove, where you can get a glimpse of marine adders with their puppies, seal, harbour porpoise (if you' lucky) and thousands of bird life as well as possible bird watching.

When you have a certain style that you want to see, Lyon will help you locate it. Taxi rides all year round, with early in the year early in the year eye catching photographic rides. Principal routes run every day from mid-May to mid-September. Offices are open from 8:30 to 18:30, but early departures or later pick-ups are possible.

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