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Individual charter flights are not available for sale to the public and the charterer will not be refunded, directly or indirectly, by the persons flying on board the aircraft. Quite reliable planes, and many dollars to earn for United. United Charter Services - Aircraft Charter Think of a plane that is not only characterized by challenging styling and luxury airplanes, but is also designed to offer our iconic UCS Customer Services Express Adventure. United Charter Services, a leader in worldwide air charter, provides the flexibility of planning, personalized services and an unrivaled choice of aircrafts to provide a truly effective, secure and dependable charter solutions.

United Charter Services prides itself on its renowned love of detail. Full services begin with the choice of a suitable plane for your journey that can be flown to your destinations at any time (day or night). There is a full line of reciprocating, turbojet and nozzle airplanes available.

We have a small privately-owned jet and airplane squadron with a painterly view of elegant, functional and technological progress. Our aim is to handle both customer and cargo with our aircrafts with the highest level of professionality and effectiveness. "It' good to have an end to the trip, our services include; free flyer... Our JetSet map program is a tailor-made, unit program with a distinction.

Receive a never expiring balance, rebates on idle flights and clear fix costs. No matter whether you are flying for private or commercial purposes, you can now enjoy all the advantages and advantages of United JetSet membership. Difference is... We're united!

United Charter Services - Air Charter Services South Africa

It is our aim to offer an incomparable travel adventure from the moment you book your flights until you arrive at your final destinations. Our entire system, our employees and our aircrafts are geared to this one objective. Whether you're travelling for private or professional reasons, our flexibility in planning and personal attention ensures your event is easy and relaxing.

Jonathan's mission was to create a premier charter company that would deliver a superior flight environment to customers at home and abroad. Throughout the years, we have seen tremendous expansion, enabling us to investment in a wider range of aircrafts, from double pistons and turbo-props to various types of executives and long range planes.

Aircraft are available all over the world. Our experienced and highly qualified charter crew will take good care of every detail of your trip. Beginning with the reservation, the journey, the whole journey up to the final delivery. With United Charter Services, you' ll enjoy a level of travel you've never experienced before. Committed employees make sure that your expertise is as unparalleled as you are.

Flexibility in schedules, luxury lounge and planes as well as individual attentiveness and budgeting allow you to tailor your trip to your own preferences. When Jonathan Wolpe found his love at a very young age he has since devoted every awake minute to this passion: aeronautics. Jonathan had no choice but to follow a carrier in the airline business, and in February 2000 Jonathan edited the tape to United Charter Services.

Be it our airplanes, our employees or our services, every fiber of our company has been made of excellent materials. It is the love of detail for every single plane. Actually, it's the whole United Charter services expertise. As Dave has amazing aerospace expertise, he has occupied most of the functions in one way or another.

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