South Florida Helicopter Charter & Tours

Südflorida Helicopter Charter & Tours

The groups board a six- or nine-seater turbine helicopter for a flight through South Florida. The Chopper takes off in South Florida. These helicopters are privately owned, mostly by charter companies.

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It is not simple to make a helicopter reservation. Can' t capture them at a certain hour or place like the coach. Up until recently, an interested passenger in South Florida had to visit one of the many brokerage houses on-line, call an operative and send an e-mail back and forth to secure the helicopter, timing, pick-up and drop-off point and timing.

He has been a helicopter pilot in Florida for five years. Thinking there must be a way to rationalize the effort, he spend the last three years developing Chopper, a web-based application that allows travelers to make helicopter bookings anywhere in South Florida - provided there is a suitable airfield and Chopper has land owner approval.

Introduced last May in Palm Beach Country, the facility will be expanded throughout Florida by July. It is also great for celebrating jubilees, bachelor farewells and birthday celebrations, Blackton points out. It was the company's initial start-up two month ago and was formally started in Palm Beach on June 1. Though Blackton comes from Orlando, he saw South Florida as the best place for these new glittering helicopter trips.

Get started on-line at, choosing a starting point, destination, helicopter and number of passengers. Next, please tick the date and hour and fill in the passengers' data (indicating that the mean value of each travelling customer must not be more than 220 lbs). Ultimately, the aim is to turn any place with enough room into a possible collection point.

However, at the moment, you are restricted to certain points of origin and destination in the application, such as BB&T Center, Doral Country Club, Downtown Fort Lauderdale Helistop, Ritz Carlton Jupiter and Waldorf Astoria Orlando, as well as state-wide airport facilities, such as Miami International Airport, Fort Lauderdale International Airport, Palm Beach International Airport, Tampa International Airport and Winter Haven Airport.

I' m sure Blackton says the duty is secure. For almost three years he obtained the necessary approvals and licences. Hubschrauber are in private ownership, mostly by charter airlines. The Chopper is governed by the Federal Aviation Administration. A helicopter is in stand-by mode at each stop. Blackton is hoping to grow in Wyoming, Colorado, Georgia and California by August in July.

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