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Private Turboprop Jet

Private jet passengers are often unfamiliar with the advantages and disadvantages of a turboprop jet charter. Or at least when it comes to which brands are most popular with private pilots. A typical jet with a fan in the engine room.

Among the more than three million private air travelers in North America last year, the most beloved was the single-engine Pilatus PC-12 from Surf Air, Nicholas Air and PlaneSense.

Turboprop reign! Or at least when it comes to which brands are most loved by private pilots. There were 226,378 Pilatus PC-12 solo flight hours according to TRAQPak's recently published study, making it not only the most beloved plane in its class (see below), but also the most beloved among Bizavs.

Its second most beloved private car was the King Air 200 (Wheels Up uses the King Air350i as the spine of its jet card fleet) with 175,761 missions, most of them multi-engine turboprop missions. Citation Excel and the Citation XLS and Citation XLS+ derivates, with 170,946 flight types, were the most beloved private jets and the third most common in the mid-size family.

It can be found in NetJets, Nicholas Air and Delta Private Jet as well as many brokers Jet Cards. Embraer's Phenom 100 is the most famous Very Light Jet you can find at JetSuite and Nicholas Air. Combining 104,205 flight options, the Citation X and its Citation Ultra, Citation Encore and Citation Encore + Cousin are the most beloved Light Jet.

With 92,724 aircraft, the Bombardier Challenger 300 was the most beloved Super Mid Jet. You can find it in the Jet Card programmes of Flexjet, XOJET, NetJets, Magellan Jets and others. Gulfstream won both Large Jets and Super Long Range Jets. Versions of his G-IV and G450 found on NetJets counted 84,613 aircraft, while his GV serie flown 48,281 mission.

What is a jet ticket not a jet ticket? If it is a turboprop or reciprocating airplane - which could be the ideal choice for short trips.

Jet ticketing software and operators have more than doubled in number in the last 10 years, largely because ticketing membership is the simple way to rent an airplane - as near to this tap-and-go-over similarity as many people like to use it as they can get it. In addition, you can buy jet tickets in blocks of five to 100 hour blocks, so you do not have the three to five year obligation to buy a fraction of the planes.

Naturally, the key is to find the right programme for your needs, and while many programmes provide all jet dimensions and forms, not all programmes are turboprop or plunger-type. No one was significantly involved in the adoption of non-jet jet tickets as Wheels Up founders and CEO Kenny Dichter.

Cofounder of the Marquis Jet map before he sold it to NetJets in 2010, in 2013 he again sang the praise of the Beechcraft King Air 350i, which he described as the drive-up of a jeep or rover. Denichter notes that on journeys of less than 90 min a good part of the flight ascends or descends to or from cruise altitudes, both performed at lower topspeed.

This means you can only use 10-15 min of the real driving speed even though the requisites are slow. Crowded areas such as the northeast of the US, where air traffic is often put on hold or decelerated to similar velocities, make no distinction between a jet and turboprop, he states.

A further area of turbo-props can make a great deal of difference if you have a bigger group - say eight persons on a 75 min ride. In addition, the day and sector minima for turbo-props are usually 60 min, while a midsize or super midsize jet can have a minima of 90-120 min.

To put it another way, if you drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, a turboprop can be the most cost-effective option, which takes us to the last point. In many cases, you can make savings by using a turboprop or reciprocating airplane. The following chart lists 14 Jet Card providers with turboprop and/or reciprocating jetliners.

We have also described whether each operator provides guarantee uptime ( if you call at a certain point you are assured an aircraft) and one-way prices at contract prices ( so you do not have to charge ferries). Finally, we set the initial prices for each supplier's turboprop or pistons range.

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