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How can I compare the charges for checked baggage of the airline? The world' s leading Air Travel Guide for Airline Reviews and Rating, Airline Seats, Lounge and Airport Reviews and Rating from the industry experts SKYTRAX. Compare millions of flights to find the best deal quickly. You can save many miles on shorter flights by taking advantage of British Airways' distance-based award table!

Can I compare charges for hold luggage?

The majority of airline companies now levy charges for check-in of luggage. Charges for hold luggage may vary from free to over $200 per item, based on the airline. How can I compare the charges for hold luggage of the airline? We' ve produced maps to compare the charges for hold luggage of all airline companies, whether you fly domestic or international.

Have a look at them before you give up your pockets. Registered luggage / free luggage: Please click on the link below, based on your category of services, to review the airline's policies and fees for hold luggage. Registered luggage within the country: I' m going international: Please also be aware that the free luggage quantity for flights to other destinations can be destination-specific. Oversize / overweight checkered pockets:

Note that airline companies may also levy charges if your luggage is "oversized". The embargo rules for overweight luggage may be applicable. See the luggage guidelines on the airline's website for further information.

Frequent flyer award tables for airlines

On this page you will find a number of airline awards chart related websites. The reward tables show you how many mileage you need to dedicate to your journey. Reward rates can differ widely on certain itineraries, so it is useful to make some comparison before booking. A bus ride from the USA to the caribbean, for example, will cost 17,500 United Airlines mileage per itinerary.

However, if you fly by bus from Miami to Jamaica, you only need 4,500 British Airways mileage per trip. Take advantages of British Airways' distance-based reward table to earn many mileage savings on short flights! Check the differences in reward level between carriers to get the lowest number of mileage for large trips with little money!

You will find US-based premium diagrams directly below and you can browse down or click here to view the Non US Airline premium diagrams. Join us on Twitter and Facebook to post your trip pictures and tell us how Big Travels with Small Money made a difference in your world!

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