Taxi Operator Licence

taxicab operator licence

The Department for Infrastructure (NI) is the only one that can grant a taxi operator license (TOL). Instructions on how to apply for a taxi operator licence required to operate a taxi service in Northern Ireland. In order to set up a taxi business in the Netherlands, you need a taxi operator licence. This license can be obtained from Kiwa Register.

Which is a taxi operator license?

The Department for Infrastructure (NI) is the only one that can issue a Taxi Operator License (TOL). Any person offering a taxi operation must either own a personal taxi or work for a licenced operator who may only use duly licenced driver and vehicle. When you apply for a Licence or make a modification to an active licence, you must make a statement that the information on the Licence Application and any other materials provided are accurate.

In the event that the statement is found to be incorrect or the information is deceptive, the license or modification may be denied on the ground that you are not "fit and proper". Misrepresentation may result in the rejection, suspend, revoke, or limit of a license issued and the initiation of litigation against you.

Submit your request as well as your fees together with all necessary certifications and other necessary material: The applicant can lodge an appellate complaint against a DVA decision: 34 of the Taxis Act (NI) 2008 offers an appellate complaint against a DVA ruling. Complaints against a judgment must be lodged in written within 21 workingdays from the date of the judgment:

Appeals shall be hear by the Divisional Examination Committee. However, if you are still not happy with the department's ruling, another complaint may be lodged with the judges' tribunals within a further 21 working days of the ruling.

Application for a taxi operator licence

TOL does not give anyone the right to operate a taxi-car. You will need a taxi driver's license. This information is pertinent if you wish to obtain a taxi operator license as an individual, private firm, private corporation or private firm. In order to have sufficient processing elapsed, you should request your TOL at least eight week prior to commencing business.

Registration is £140. Driving licences are of two types: There is no way to change the nature of the driving licence issued - you must submit a totally new request if you want to increase or decrease the number of cars available at the same moment. When your TOL request is approved, you must purchase the license.

Costs depend on the nature of the licence, the duration of the licence and the number of cars in your company. Example: A small operator with two cars for five years would be £475. Example: A large operator with eight cars for five years would be £1,960. Example: Large operator with 29 cars for three years would be £3,268.

When an operator wants to create a new establishment or delete an establishment, it must notify the Driver and Vehicle Authority (DVA), Taxi Licensing Department, using a TOL4 format and the charge (if applicable). Operators must prove that the new facilities have a building permit for use as an industrial plant as well as government and, if necessary, business indemnity insurances.

Where the DVA determines that an operator is acting from an unlicensed operations center or has relocated from its facility location without informing the DVA and no other location information is known, the license may be terminated, withdrawn or restricted. User manual and pattern records must be kept by all users for the purpose of inspections; you can copy them for your own use.

This package will also include other taximeter information and form information, which may be changed after the license is issued. Your filled out job offer must contain this information: Please note: If your AccesNI app is complete and your Basic Disclosure Certificate (BDC) is clear, it is available for viewing and downloading from your AccesNI client area.

Unless you are in possession of a valid taxi driver's license or your BDC contains any information, it must be provided as part of this request. Please send the filled documents to the following address: If you are requesting a taxi operator licence, you must have the right to work within the UK.

Immigration Act 2016 demands that the Department of Infrastructures be convinced that you have the right to work in the UK before a permit can be issued. In order to demonstrate your right to work in the UK, your request must contain originals from lists A and B of Annex A in the Guidance for the Department for Infrastructure to avoid illegally working in the taxi sector in Northern Ireland and must also be available for interviews at the Passenger Transport Licensing Division in Coleraine.

Please fill in your form and submit it together with the payment:

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