How do I become a Private Hire Driver

What do I do to become a private driver?

What do I do to become a taxidriver? First of all, proposers must submit their applications using the relevant applications forms, which can be obtained by downloading them from this page and sending them by mail to the Council (telephone 01437 764551) or by phoning the Council Office. In order to obtain a driving license, the Council must decide whether you are a "suitable person" within the meaning of the law or not.

These include a range of testing and controls at various organizations so that the Council can fairly and rigorously assess your use. If any problems arise from these audits, the request will be forwarded to the Licensing Committee for review. Controls and testing we perform are as follows:

Pembrokeshire County Council has established a local knowledge test as part of the recruitment proces. Candidates will be required to complete the Local Knowledge Test as part of the recruitment procedures before receiving a Hackney Carriage/Private Hire Vehicle Drivers Badge. Candidates who have fully completed the payment of the examination fees are required to take the examination.

Effective December 1, 2016, the Immigration Act 2016 will prevent persons without legal immigrant and right to work in the UK from possessing a Hackneyriage or Private Hire Driver License or Private Hire Operator License. It is the legal duty of the licensing team to conduct personal reviews of ALL license applications to make sure that licenses are not granted to persons who do not have the proper right to work document.

These new rules apply to private hire car chauffeurs and private landlords. Candidates, whether new or renewed, must make an arrangement with a licensee to provide originals as requested by the Ministry of the Interior. Photocopies are made of all provided documentation and a copy is kept by the Licensing Department.

If there are no limitations on the right to work in the United Kingdom, the review of the "licence right" for future renewals need not be reiterated. When you have to present us with your birthright or adoptive certificates and have forgotten the originals, you must request a copy.

As an alternative, you can contact the registry of births at the place where you are listed. Where there are limitations on the duration of your work in the UK, your license will not be granted for longer than this one. However, under these conditions, the review will be reviewed each and every times you request an extension or renewal of your license.

If you are excluded from possession of a license during this time because you have not respected UK immigrant legislation, your license expires and you must surrender it to the Council as this is a crime. UNLESS YOU MAKE YOUR LICENSE TO RELEASE OR SUBMIT APPROPRIATE DOCUMENTS TO US, YOU MAY NOT EXTEND OR REQUEST YOUR LICENSE BY LAW.

Please get in touch with us for renewal before your license is due to expire. Every applicant for Hire Driver must request an extended Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) voucher. You can obtain the registration request by contacting the licensing office of the License Manager (phone 01437 764551). Candidates must make an appointement to review the DBS Bulletin with a License Inspector (Tuesday/Thursday morning).

DBS also offers an updating facility where DBS data can be maintained indefinitely for an annuity. Verification includes a thorough investigation of your personal police records to determine whether or not you are a secure adult to conduct members of the general public, some of whom may be fragile, sensitive, or aging.

DBS is a single organization that handles all controls of the penal record for the Council. Candidates must go through a Group II health check-up, which must be performed by their family physician. There are certain illnesses that can cause you to be unable to drive for a living, and it is important that the Council is informed of such issues in order to guarantee security for the population.

Driver under 65 years must submit to a media examination every 3 years, driver over 65 years yearly. There is a need to make a commercial connection available to the Council. You should include a link on the appropriate template. So what happens when all the controls are done? As soon as the exams have been performed, the license team will identify your use.

Once you are successfully registered, you will be given a driver's license and your driver's license will be sent to you by mail. Where there are doubts about your suitability as a cab driver/private driver, your case will be dealt with before the Licensing Subcommittee. What is the duration of the procedure to become a cab driver/private driver?

Our licensing team will process your filled out request as soon as possible, usually within 28 working days. Are there any extra documentation that needs to be included with my driver registration forms? In addition to filling in your complete job description you must also provide the following information: Completely filled in and autographed disclosure and embargo service registration document (see the guide annexed to the request form).

You will need to meet with a license inspector to review your DDPS before filing your request.

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