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Replies for crossword puzzles on wide-body aircraft. Here is a list of the big planes. This project was cancelled due to a forecast decline in demand for large jets in the coming decades.

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Comparing the sizes of four of the biggest planes. Here is a listing of the big planes. The Antonov An-225 is widely recognized as the biggest plane in the wide airspace of the planet and the heavyest plane in the wide airspace of the globe (maximum take-off mass greater than 640 tons) and the biggest plane (length) ever put into operation.

A400-600ST "Beluga "13 September 1994A variant of the Airbus A300-600 widebody aeroplane designed to transport parts and large freight. From 2001 to 2010, 30 meters was the longest passenger plane to be exceeded by the Boeing 747-8. An-12426 December 1982Was the biggest production plane in the history of the Airbus A380.

Still the biggest airplane of the worlds which is currently in use. February 2010 Boeing 747-88 (F version)Extended 747 model with extended span. At 76, it is the longest airliner in the history of the company. May 1934The biggest airplane and heavyest ground plane of the 1930s (63 meters/206. 7 feet span, 53 tons MTOW) needed eight 900 hp Mikulin V12 power plants for the mission.

Do X12 July 1929Largest successfull airboat and heavyest airplane in the whole wide range from 1929 to 1942, when the Boeing B-29 Superfortress was first flown. August 1947 Biggest series-produced single-engined double-decker. XB-1927 Douglas June 1941This test plane was the biggest US airplane until 1946, when the Northrop YB-35 took off.

Left-Hofmann R.II191919The biggest plane ever flown with only one prop uses the biggest prop ever used. Tu-16018 Tupolev December 1981The heaviest fighter plane, biggest ultrasonic plane and biggest sweeping wings ever made. KM16 October 1966The span of 37.6 metres, length - 92 metres, max take-off mass - 544 tonnes.

It was the biggest airplane in the whole wide range until An-225. November 1947World's heaviest airplane 1947 to 1952, when the even heavier Boeing B-52 Stratofortress flown for the first time. The biggest flyboat in the whole wide span of all airplanes until 2019, when the Stratolaunch is supposed to start its maiden voyage.

There was only one ever made and only a brief test mission. Ju 39020 October 1943Largest airplane in the whole wide body 1943 to 1944, when the even larger Blohm & Voss BV 238 took off for the first time. Max take-off mass 542,000 lb (246 tons). Seatolaunch [12]2019 (Planned)Stratolaunch is an airplane currently under development in Mojave, CA.

At 117 meters (385 ft) span, it will be the world's biggest plane by span and the biggest ever constructed plane made of composites. An almost completed airplane was shown for the first time on 1 June 2017. The Boeing New Large Airplane1990s proposalPlanning as a substitute for the 747, which will be propelled by the same powerplants used for the 777.

The project was cancelled in the 90s due to a shortage of interest from the aviation sector in very large aeroplanes. One model was made, but no prototypes. Kr-8601990's KR-860 (Kryl'ya Rossii or "Wings of Russia") design, early known as SKD-717, is a super-size cargo plane with a gross mass of about 650 tons (Antonov An-225 weighing 600 tons), a cargo capacity of about 300 tons (An-225 cargo capacity of 250 tons), and 860 to 1000 passenger capacity, a design for a double-decker wide-body SuperJet of the Soviet carrier Sukhoi.

747x1996 Boeing suggestion, never made When the talk got around about Airbus's new Airbus A 3XX, the Boeing corporation suggested a prime rival that was a suggested route to the 747-400. However, the contract was canceled due to a forecast decline in large jet market over the next few years. Mi Mi-2614 Mil-2614 December 1977Heavyweight (56 tons), biggest and most efficient chopper in operation ever.

Mi-1210 or Mil V-12 July 1968Largest ever produced chopper; not in use. Two 114 feet rotor, 105 tons MTOW. The Hindenburg Luftschiff in comparison to the biggest airplane with solid wings. Akron8 August 1931239 meters, 180,000 cubic meters of US Navy dirigible and biggest helical dirigible. Hindenburg4 April 1936245 meters, 200,000 cubic meters Biggest ever air traffic but only 215 tons.

U.S. Navy ZPG-3WJuly 1958Largest non-rigid US Navy blimp, 1,011,000 ft (23,648 ft ) envelopes. HAV 304 Airlander 1017 August 2016High capacity of all non-rigid airships and planes for flying, 38,000 m2 (1,300,000 cu ft) handling area. Longer heavy than an airplane with 92 metres height. Antonov Ann-225 Mriya landed at Hyderabad.

Giant of Heaven: The greatest planes of all time.

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