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Boeing 787 Dreamliner is an American long-haul and medium twin-engine wide-body aircraft from Boeing Commercial Airplanes. The Dreamliner aircraft to Singapore Airlines this week, the first of 49 787-10 aircraft to order to the airline, the largest buyer of the jet. By far the quietest jet I've ever been in.

Reduced running cost

787 Dreamliner's industry-leading technologies create amazing possibilities for airline operators around the globe and greatly enhance the flight environment. The Dreamliner effect, we call it. Its unprecedented aircraft propellant efficiencies and reach versatility enable airline companies to open new profitable destinations and optimise aircraft fleets and networks.

Dreamliner effect. Greater reach. The 787 Dreamliner familiy, with its unprecedented blend of refuelling efficiencies and reach versatility, helps carriers open new non-stop destinations in a profitable manner. On more than 170 new lines, the familiy connects 787 towns and communities around the globe while at the same time fulfilling passengers' expectation of one-way travel.

More than 170 new itineraries from 2017.

The Dreamliner deserves the buzz? Here are 10 things why it could just be that way.

The first of Boeing's latest Dreamliner jets was shipped to Singapore Airlines this weekend, the first of 49 787-10 jets to be ordered by the biggest purchaser of the plane, Singapore Airlines. As of May, Osaka in Japan and Perth in Australia will be the first line targets of the 787-10.

Given that airline companies around the globe have ordered 171 of the airplanes so far, should they believe the latest additions to the heap? Below we see some of the most advanced characteristics of the 787-10 and its brothers of "super-efficient" Dreamliners. And the greatest performance of the new dreamliner is its "unprecedented" level of engine power.

At 224 ft, the 787-10 is the longest of the Dreamliner series, 18 ft longer than the 787-9 and can transport 330 people ( 88 more than the 787-8 and 40 more than the 787-9). In addition, it has a freight traffic of almost twice (41 percent) the 787-8 and 15 percent more than the 787-9, thus increasing its freight carrying capability, an important income generator.

With a curved deck and variable light LEDs, the dreamliners are broader than other similarly designed airplanes, giving a roomy, hollow feeling and providing more room for occupants, as well as large luggage compartments suitable for four full-size cabins. With the biggest window on any plane, regardless of seating position, every occupant can view air photos through the window, which can be dimmable at the push of a thumb.

Dreamliners are constructed with the same rugged technologies used for cleaning hospitals. The 787's 787 airplanes are equipped with a gas filter system to remove dry effect stimulants. According to Boeing, airline travelers will have the feeling that they are inhaling 6,000 ft of altitude and not the 8,000 ft athmosphere of other airplanes.

So far, more than 100 new non-stop services served by the 787 have been opened or previously notified by airline companies. A new 787-10 has been shipped with a flying distance of 6,430 sea-mile ( 11,910 kilometres). Recent orders for 171 aircrafts have been executed by airline companies in Europe (British Airways and Air France), North America (United), Asia (Japan's All Nippon Airways and Taiwan's EVA Air) and the United Arab Emirates, with Etihad Airways and Emirates included.

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