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Several airlines - Air Travel Forum Last evening I made my first booking for several airlines (on Expedia). This evening I looked at seating allocation and noticed that British Airways is charging for seating allocation before check-in. When I researched that I was reading that you can't always board in on-line with code shares and multiple airlines, I now have no clue how it works.

Those are my flights: Booking has a validation # for BA and Iberian, but nothing for Americans. And if so, which carrier, the carrier with the ticket or the executing carrier should I use? If I go to my booking on BA, it means that I can now allocate seating for the Americans run leg.

If I click on the links for these places, it means that it takes me to the US site, and I have to consent to them submitting my information to the US site. However, when I allocate places for the RDU-JFK flights run by America Airline, it says: "Seat Maps not available for flights on other Airlines.

for your seats, please do not hesitate to call us at 17:00." The Iberian LHT -RDU fly, which is conducted by AA, states that no seats are available yet, as it has been less than 48 hours since it was made. UND to make insults to injuries, the AA site has my name with my first and last name under first name and my second first name again under surname on.

You will find it on the booking acknowledgement and on the BA website. If I had canceled the booking, but I found this about 30 minutes after the 24-hour-limit.

New Jersey's Air India flights "infested" with bedbugs, demand travelers

Air India travellers on several flights from Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey last weekend said they were bitten by bedbugs. Mr Toneskar also accused the company of an unhappy voyage, chirping that his spouse and daughter "had to spend half the voyage on economies chairs with broke desks and useless television" after the plane crews relocated them because of bedbugs.

The Hindustan Times said another traveller, Vivek Modi, said he could see bedbugs creeping around in the seat. Toneskar was approached by Air India, who said his two girls were "bitten all over their bodies" to provide an excuse. As soon as Rohan came to India, a physician gave his woman 10 whole day medications against the bedbugbite.

Thursday, another Air India aircraft flying to Mumbai had bedbug infestation on board a passenger - among them an 8-month-old who reportedly sustained several infractions during the trip. According to Air India's report, the two aircraft have been banned from gassing. said a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said the agent hadn' t heard about bedbugs in the terminals or other parts of the area.

However, Air India did not react immediately to a call for comments.

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