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We're hiring Yellow Cab drivers for immediate hire. Becoming a taxi driver. To be a taxi driver requires no formal training and lets you be your own boss and offers flexible working hours. Request a driver's license for a taxi, a black car, a limousine, an ambulance or a minibus.

Special permit information

You may need a specific licence if you intend to do something specific behind the scenes. Specific authorisations shall be granted for specific purpose vehicle, not for specific situation. So while you don't need a specific licence to drive around in your lingerie that sings up in your chest, you need a specific licence to drive certain cars.

For the following cars a specific driving licence is required: When you are planning to operate a taxi, limousine, college van or lorry, you probably need a charter. However, you often need to obtain either a regular driving licence or a professional driving licence before you can apply for a specific driving licence or authorisation.

Most states, for example, demand that you obtain a basic driver's licence before you apply for a specific licence to drive a limousine or taxi. However, if you are planning to drive a Schulbus, you will need a CDL before you can apply for a specific Schulbus driver's licence (also known as S-Endorsement).

Whatever your need, please review your country's specific licensing needs before attempting to obtain one. Make sure that you pay attention to specific usage instructions, e.g. proving a doctor's certificate ticket and a clear logbook. Taxi driver, limousine driver and Schulbus driver:

You got a specific licence?

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