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Jet Airways (9W), based in Mumbai, is India's second largest airline. Headquartered in Mumbai, Jet Airways is an Indian airline. After IndiGo, it was India's second largest airline in July 2017 with a passenger market share of 18.2%. Since Jet Airways began operations in 1993, it has become India's second largest airline.

9W Jet Airways serial flight at a KLIA

Headquartered in Mumbai, Jet Airways is an airline operating out of India. After IndiGo, it was India's second biggest airline in July 2017 with a 18.2% stake in the global airline travel industry. Each day, Jet Airways flies over 300 departures to 68 global airports from its major international airport base at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport and minor airports at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Chennai International Airport, Indira Gandhi International Airport, Kempegowda International Airport and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport.

Jet Airways is headquartered at the Siroya Center in Andheri, Mumbai. So far, the headquarters was in the S. M. Center, a leased six-storey complex in Andheri, and was relocated following critical remarks about working practices. Airways operates to 65 major cities, 45 national and 20 global, in 15 Asian, European and North American markets.

It has its main Mumbai base and subsidiary base in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Calcutta and Pune.

This is Jet Airways: Flight attendants suffer because drivers "forget" cab pressures.

Over 30 Indians were treated, some of whom bleed from nose and ear, after they " forget " to turn on a button that regulates cab airflow, officers said. From Mumbai to Jaipur, Jet Airways 9W 697 returned just after takeoff. Video tweeting from aboard the airplane showed air mask images used in the airplane.

Boeing 737, which carried 166 people, arrived safe. Aeronautics said the flight deck had been decommissioned awaiting an inspection. Mr Lalit Gupta, a high-ranking civil servant of the Indian Civil Aeronautics Authority (DGCA), said in the Hindustan Times that the crews had failed to choose a counter to keep cab depressurised.

As Jet Airways said in a declaration, the Thursday mornings flight "returned due to air vessel decompression " and "regretted" the discomfort for its passenger. "B737 with 166 patrons and 5 crews normally ended up in Mumbai. Only a few patients who were complaining about earaches, nosebleeds, etc. received first aid," the explanation says.

According to the airline, it is cooperating fully with the German Society of Civil Aviation (DGCA) inquiry. Co-driver Darshak Hathi twittered a videotape of the cab inside when the atmospheric head began to drop and breathing apparatus came down. Satish Nair, another traveller, twittered a self image coming out of his nostrils, complaining that "the airline had totally ignored the security of passengers".

Jet Airways in January held two pilot on the ground for reporting a battle in the dashboard of a London to Mumbai plane. It was a safe landing, with 324 people on it.

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