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Is it cheaper to fly on weekdays or weekends? The prices fluctuate strongly and often on all routes. The kayak offers the greatest benefit if your travel plans are very flexible. The kayak offers the greatest benefit if your travel plans are very flexible. Flying, on the other hand, is very comfortable and saves a lot of time.

The way tickets go down and up

"One Easyjet passanger said to the guy sitting next to her, "You can't have payed less than I did, you got the booking a wholeweek later. How many of us did she assume that price only goes up when the date of travel approaches. However, BBC research indicates that we need to re-evaluate some of the things we think we know about fare.

Tariffs on the London to Rome, Barcelona and Berlin route were controlled daily for six consecutive week by three main carriers. Results show that tariffs actually decrease and can then increase several rates in the time up to a flight. Thus the price of a Ryanair flight from London to Rome dropped six-fold in mid-April in the six week run-up to take-off.

The price of 40 pounds dropped between 14 and 15 March. "If we go beyond that, we can raise the price because we have to decelerate the reservation or if we are lower, we have to lower the fare," he states. It is the price that dictates this request.

" Richard Fry, who organised a bachelor farewell for his boyfriend, thought that Riga was the best option in Latvia because it was "cheaper than Prague and Amsterdam" and the journey did not take longer than it would take to get to Liverpool or Manchester by rail. As a result, price highs and lows occur.

Within just four and a half day, a London to Barcelona flight with the airline went from 57.99 to 35 pounds. Easyjet is all about pails. Groups of tickets are on sale on each flight in a number of " pails ", with the pails selling nearer the flight having higher fares, says British Executive Paul Simmons.

However, while generally the later pails have higher tariffs to buy all tickets in a particular pail, lower tariffs can be used to increase turnover and move to the next, more expensive pail. Also, if there is little request on a flight, the system may never get to the more expensive pails.

"If it' s a low-demand flight, it doesn't even speed through the bucket, so it may never get to the last bucket, it can just go on with a lower trajectory," says Mr. Simmons. This seems to have been the case with the Easyjet flight to Berlin on 12 April.

Research for the BBC program, flights and fights: However, on 10 April, just two pre-flight flights, the ticket price had risen by only 9 pounds to 99.99 pounds. "Weekdays are different. For example, on the Barcelona trip, BA was much less expensive than Easyjet most of the time.

Easyjet would have been less expensive to operate just six months before the flight and a few workingdays before take-off. "Flows and fights: Air travel to Berlin: Catalan flights: Roma flights: Exactly what was contained in these tariffs?

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