The ExecuJet is an international business aviation company based at Zurich Airport, Switzerland. The ExecuJet Aviation Group AG company research & ; investing information.

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ExecuJet's first operations took place in 1991 at Lanseria Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa, as a service company. In 1993, the facilities were named Major Service Center by Honeywell (formerly Allied Signal) and Learjet Authorized Service Facilities by Bombardier. 1994 saw the integration of a new commercial aerospace solutions offering approach and the introduction of a new commercial aircraft offering in line with Bombardier Aircraft's distribution concept.

In 1995 Canadair appointed ExecuJet as an Authorised Service Facility and in 1997 ExecuJet opened its first Danish office in Europe (ExecuJet Scandinavia) with an enlarged Bombardier distribution programme in Scandinavia. In 1999, ExecuJet Middle East was founded in Dubai and Bombardier's distribution network grew to 10 Near East states.

In the same year, Bombardier signed an agreement with ExecuJet for the sale of multi-model airplanes. Established in 2000, ExecuJet Australia comprised an airplane control and service center at Sydney Airport and dealer privileges for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. It has also als Bombardier Authorized Service Facilities und Gulfstream Authorized Warranty Repair Facilities ernannt.

In 2001, ExecuJet built its activities in Europe with an airplane control operation, a Fixed Base Operation (FBO), and its Zurich office became the ExecuJet head office. ExecuJet expands Bombardier's Swiss operation. ExecuJet extended its service to Latin America in 2002 with the operation of two airports in Monterrey, Mexico.

Advanced Dubai facility opened in 2005 and ExecuJet was named Bombardier's first authorised service centre in the Middle East. ExecuJet in Berlin is acquiring a share in Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services (LBAS) as part of a JV with Lufthansa Technik and Bombardier. An FBO was opened in Berlin Schoenefeld during 2006 and ExecuJet Australasia opened a Line Maintainance office in Melbourne, Australia.

The year 2008 was another bustling year for ExecuJet as it purchased a hanging structure at Seletar Airport in Singapore where it now monitors operations. ExecutiveJet received an Air Operator's Certification (AOC) for the UK with a full-service Franchise in Cambridge. ExecuJet South Africa moved into a new purpose-built Bureau in Cape Town in 2009 to prepare for the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

In 2009, ExecuJet was transformed into an OEM-independent operating system. ExecuJet Malaysia's service centre in Kuala Lumpur was founded later this year. ExecuJet Europe was chosen by Berlin Airports to operate the General Aviation Terminal in 2010 and ExecuJet Mexico opened an airport branch at Toluca Airport. ExecuJet in France cooperated with Advanced Air Support for FBO at Le Bourget Airport in Paris and formed a JV with China Sichuan Haite and ExecuJet Haite Aviation Services China located at Tianjin Binhai International Airport.

In 2011, we experienced much action in ExecuJet's global roll-out with the opening of all-new FBOs such as Frankfurt, Melbourne, Wellington, Gerona, Ibiza, Barcelona, Valencia and ExecuJet Europe, which won the Cambridge FBO bid. At Istanbul Atatürk Airport, Turkey, a new FBO was opened, operated by Bilen Air Service in close cooperation with ExecuJet.

The FBO was opened in Cambridge during 2012 and ExecuJet and RUAG announce a partnering with the FBO in Geneva. Australasia ExecuJet celebrates its success in expanding with the installation of maintenance facility in Perth in 2013 and ExecuJet Europe continues to strengthen its UK footprint at Cambridge Airport. ExecuJet is also expanding its Middle East footprint with a JV with NAS Holdings for an FBO in Riyadh.

ExecutiveJet has already begun operation of interim installations at Bali International Airport. Bali was the first Bali airport to open following the signature of a Memorandum of Cooperation in June 2012 in which ExecuJet designs, builds and operates General Aviation terminals at up to 13 exclusive airport operated by the state-owned Angkasa Pura 1 airline.

In the same year, our Cambridge operation received a Hubschrauber AOC, and Europe launched hub flights in the UK. The year 2015 turned out to be a year of great change for ExecuJet when it was taken over by Luxaviation Group. ExecuJet is now part of the world's second largest company jet carrier with Luxaviation.

Based in Luxembourg, ExecuJet is a company with over 1,500 employees and a total of over 250 commercial aircraft. In the same year, ExecuJet started operation in Bali. ExecuJet opened FBOs in February 2016 in Munich, Germany, New Delhi, India, and a second FBO in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

ExecuJet opened another FBO in Australia in February 2017 and is now also in Sydney. ExecuJet will administer the FBO plant together with St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport in November 2017. ExecutiveJet has six Air Operating Certificates (AOCs) and one Air Operating Certificate (AOC) for Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Denmark, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Australia.

For over a decade, ExecuJet has specialized in finishing consultancy. It works with interiors architecture partner companies in Europe and North America and has completed over 30 finishing and renovation work. ExecutiveJet administers over 250 commercial and/or commercial airplanes on contract to individuals, businesses and governments around the world. Commons Wikimedia has related ExecuJet related news items.

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