Challenger 604

Contender 604

The Bombardier Challenger 604 range map. Bombardier Challenger 604 has a range of 3,756 miles. Here you will find complete specifications for the Bombardier Challenger 604, which offers the widest cabin of all jets in its class. Intercontinental Business Jet Challenger 604, a major upgrade of the 601 design, was introduced in 1996.

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In spite of the plane crashed, both Transport Canada and the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States approved the plane in 1980, but with limitations for pilot that include a limit on take-off heft. The Challenger's general layout is similar to that of the existing Challenger, but some of its characteristics are notable, such as the use of a wider body to create a "walk-in cabin".

Challenger was also one of the first biz jets with a super critical piano. Challengeers are visible through their striking dual slit hatch designs where the panels under the blades are visible, which is much more often the case with passenger planes. CC-144 12 planes bought by the Royal Canadian Air Force, CE-144 and CX-144 Canadair CE-144 Three electronic warfare/EW instructors changed to/from CC-144 base.

Described as CC-144 in use. Constructed from 1996 to 2006, over 360 pieces were shipped, the first sold for $4.0-$4. 5 million and the latest model sold for less than $8 million in 2016. RAF: termed the Bombardier CC-144 Challenger for the transportation of the Governor General, civil servants, overseas officers and the Prime Minister of Canada.

for LifeFlight Australia: runs a CL604 that has been adapted for the Midevac. for Cobham Aviation Services Australia: has four CL604 s helicopters operating which have been adapted for Search And Rescue (SAR). Quebec Government: runs two CL601s (one for Medevac). for North Cariboo Air: runs a cli601. for Shaw Communications: runs 2 HD604s. for Sunwest Aviation: operating two CL604. State Flying Service: operating two CL605 aircraft as part of a sub-fleet.

The West Coast Worldwide runs six CL604. Some CL604 and CL605 are operated by Flex Jet. o a c " Bombardier's latest Challenger jet models exceed significant delivery milestones" (press release). Bomb shooter. The service center network of Bombardier Business Aircraft celebrates the completion of over 200 96-month Challenger Jet inspections" (press release). Bomb shooter. "CL-600 / 601 / 604 Challenger 1003 Series Canadair, C-GCGT Registration" (PDF).

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