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aircraft rental

aircraft rental Are you thinking of the airplane because it is a quick way to conveniently and securely cover long journeys, or do you need an airplane to perform a specific transportation operation? Aircraft rental allows you to immediately cover several hundred or even thousand kilometres on your own or together with other people. Do you want to get some aeronautical expertise by making a robbery with a lightweight plane, or just get in the sky to take in the view? You are invited to get in touch with us to discuss the detail of how to achieve these objectives with one of our aircrafts. Aeroplane rental - what we provide?

for short distance or just for immediate transportation from home or office to aeroplane.

Lufttaxi is a concept that at least seems costly against the backdrop of a multitude of transportation related activities. With our own airline fleets, airline contact and personal ownership, we can provide our costumers with aerial cab rentals at highly competitive rates. Lufttaxi is a concept that is used more and more by the consumers of the domestic transportation markets, but is still associated with high travelling expenses.

Even though the Lufttaxi is still not a means of transportation for every household its rent doesn't have to be that high. Until recently, high-speed aviation was only a pipe dream until recently for many people. We have been successfully acting as an intermediary between travellers and owner s/operators of different standard and performance aircrafts for many years and specialise in the leasing of aircrafts for corporate customers and private people.

Our services are offered on the basis of firm arrangements with airline companies and long-term contract with privately owned companies. Passengers have the choice between a propeller-driven aircraft with either pistons or turbines, a small airliner or exclusively designed corporate aircraft, the so-called "private jet" and a heli. Our company is a highly experienced professionals brokers with an excellent reputation in the industry.

To meet the needs of our customers at home and abroad, we provide charter services for privately owned aircraft with different levels of service and quality. Our company also cooperates with airline companies, thanks to which we can provide charter flights at really attractive rates. Observing the evolving needs and aspirations of travellers, we strive to exceed them by expanding our portfolio with high-quality VIP deluxe aircraft and regular aerial taxi services more and more used by corporate and individual customers.

Every request related to the organisation of a point A to point to point operation is calculated on an individual basis, based on many different facts and figures provided by the client. There are many variable parameters under which the fundamental importance of such agreements as take-off and landings, duration and route of the selected airplane lies.

Flights can be carried out by sharing the cost with the other passengers on the aircraft or personally with the pilots. Choosing this aircraft allows virtually any take-off and land options. This is only due to the fact that, in the area of the intended take-off or landings, a place specified in aeronautical legislation exists as a place of arrival, which is registered in the civil registry kept by the Civil Aeronautical Authority, or merely a residential area in which the aircraft can be of the same size.

Looking at the outside air from a bird's perspective, you can sit in the comfort of a jet. In which airplane will the journey take place? Your decision as to which type of aeroplane to fly will depend primarily on the number of passengers you wish to take with you. Once you have selected the airplane, you choose where you want to go.

You can also rent lightweight aircrafts that can be used with an inspector or an expert security pilots. Our assistance will give you the necessary expertise to build a pilot's professional development (so-called flying Experience Building) or to build your capabilities and increase your security as a " touristic " aviator.

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