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Mega Skyport" is a fantastic landing site for Ubers flying cabs. Scientific dreams of driving cabs are getting more and more serious. If you want a signal that taxiing has become part of the trend, look no further than the aviation and space travel mega Boeing. Just now the foundation of the future oriented division "NeXt" was heralded and presented as the first flight cab pilot venture. However, although it is easily imaginable that a plane could carry its passenger across the sky, a whole car pool of them is a different story.

Rapidly it shows how a real taxicab would change the towns and outskirts around them. The perhaps brightest image of this earth-shattering concept now comes from Uber. About was the most distinguished gambler that invaded the airborne cabmanufacture. Elevate's carpool Elevate is testing the Dallas, Los Angeles and Dubai carpooling fleets, where new cars would be launched within a few years.

About wants these new air borne cars to be electrically powered, serially manufactured, vertically take off and land (VTOL) and omnipresent enough to enable 1,000 take-offs and landings per minute from each individual vertical port. "In the long run, we also believe that CTOLs will be an accessible way of transporting the world' s population on a day-to-day basis, even cheaper than having a car," says Uber.

Over the years, aviation and space companies have developed the types of drone and rotary wing aircraft that can be customized for the self-propelled cab roll. Nobody has ever made it to the height difference where these travelling cabs would sleep. In order to solve this issue, Uber asked the architect for proposals to imagine what the floor structure would look like.

Corgan, a worldwide architectural practice, reacted to the call and created a "Mega Skyport" that meets Ubers' own criterias and its own vision of a new city. Skyport is not like the vertical ports that there are today, which are little more than cement cushions with restricted room and comforts. Instead, they are urbane centres to attract locals with shops, places to eat, events and possibly homes.

The Corgan proposal is to use the Skype room as a "community connection", where those who don't even fly can go to musical events, arts exhibitions or an extensive animal shelter. This would be a junction for mass transit, which would include high-speed lines and streets taking passengers to the skyport.

Of course there is a place for over-vehicles (with or without driver) to set down people. There is nowhere else where designer dancing is as sensitive as here, as finding out about the movements of taxi fliers from landings to loading to picking up people. He suggests various ways to move the plane, either by his own means, with an unmanned tractor or even with a movable platform like the ones you see at an airport.

According to the firm, "autonomous movement...could significantly diminish the range of motion and meet the requirement for segregation on the flight decks.

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