Private Jet Charter Cost per Hour

Hourly private jet charter rates

The Jet Charter offers an excellent ROI for your costs and investments. Prices for private jets per hour A private jet charter cost consists of a number of elements, among which the airplane per hour rates, landings and check-in charges and crewing expenses. Several of our clients, in particular former or current break or hour cards holders, also wish to have a break-down of the aircraft's per-hour rates in order to fully benchmark their choices.

More information about private jet charter prices can be found in our full cost statement, how much does it cost to rent a private jet?

Cost of private jets per hour

Private jet costs per hour for these aircraft typically range from $2,500 to $8,000, based on aircraft type and locations. Bombardier's Learjet 45, for example, is a very small mid-jet and is better rated by many as a super-size lightweight jet. Remember that private jet charter in the United States almost always guarantees a low end rate as there is enormous competitive pressure in the private jet charter world.

Medium sized aircraft are no exception to this regulation and can be hired for a reasonable rental charge. Hourly rates below are exact, but do not cover other charges such as take-off and landings, crewing charges, accommodation and stand-by charges (if any) and much more.

Prices here are intended to indicate an estimate for the charter of a particular jet in comparison to another jet in its class. Medium size aircraft have an hourly charter rates for private aircraft about twice as high as a lightweight, and about half the charter rates for large aircraft.

Although they cannot fly up to large aircraft, medium-sized aircraft still have very cool staterooms, generally designed for 8-12 occupants in a convenient layout. Medium size aircraft, while designed for the same general cabin size as a lightweight jet, have much broader and longer staterooms, which in turn makes the medium size jet flight more of a big jet flight than anything else.

Naturally, medium size jumpers fill the gaps to larger and broader staterooms. For more information about mid-size and other private jet liners or about the cost per hour of a private jet, please refer to our pilot page. Citation XLS+ Jet offers trans-continental cruising distance, first-class 12 passenger cab interior and high powericiency.

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