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Begin here to learn more about how and where to get your ticket to travel. LWA Official Website | Connect LAX Angeles is known for many things - entertainment and glamour, sunshine and glamour and transport. Los Angeles International Airports (LAX) has launched its Landside Admission Modernization Program (LAMP) to reduce travel densities for those who travel to and from the world's fifth-largest and second-largest airports in the U.S. The LAMP's various congestion-free features are designed to improve the travel environment and provide clients with time-safe terminal accessibility.

In order to achieve all this, there are five key elements that enable more predictable as well as dependable travel to and from the airports - which saves valuable travel and improves overall usability.

I' m flying Chicago O' Hare International Airport (ORD)

O'Hare International is one of the most congested international airfields serving international destinations and airline companies. Anglo-American as well as United use O'Hare as a hubs, but there are many other carriers that fly to O'Hare. In addition, many of these carriers offer non-stop connections to destinations around the entire planet on a day-to-day basis.

You are a liaison traveller or an expatriate?

Verify the state of your ticket and your travel route.

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Download of travel plans/invoices from the web

Booking a booking involves sending a "flight route" by e-mail (or faxing it to unrelated users). After the booking a "travel planning/invoice" will be sent by e-mail (or sent by fax to unrelated users). There is only one discrepancy between the "itinerary/invoice" and the "itinerary" sent initially after the reservation: the ticket number, the ticket costs, the transaction fee and the invoice notes.

How to find a route (Reserved itineraries): Once you have reserved your trip, you can view your route from the Virtually There homepage: Type the six-digit booking key or "Locator" provided by Sato Travelling. In order to guarantee the safety of your own travelling information, you will be asked to provide your e-mail adress.

In case the e-mail and/or pasword does not correspond to the information in your booking, your booking will be withheld. For further help viewing your route, please consult your GovTrip Administrator or Sato Travels: 1 866-486-6135 to check the email addresses in your account.

How to request an itinerary/invoice (purchased itineraries): After issuing the ticket, follow the instructions below to receive a itinerary/invoice. Notice that these orientations differ slightly from the above: Reserved route is shown automatic. Route/invoice will then be shown showing trip history, ticket costs, ticket number and payment details.

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