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Staying comfortable on a long flight There'?s nothing better than a 16-hour ride to overcome the angst of it all. When I was 28 years old I was still quite new to aviation, and to spend most of a whole working days in an air-supported tubular metal was exactly what I needed to stop, worry and learnt to like the wonder of air travel.

However, after this first long distance run from New York to Johannesburg, which is one of the longest non-stop runs ever, my main emphasis has at least moved from survival strategy to the question of how to make the long distance as easy as possible. On its non-stop New York to Johannesburg service, South African Airways has more spacious seating (one to two inches) than any other carrier flying between these two towns, according to, a useful website that allows you to check the convenience before making a reservation.

"It' s a big error to expect cabin crew to take good care of everything for you," said Kara Mulder, a cabin crew member who documents her in-flight experience on her Flight Attendant Life blogs. Ms. Mulder suggests using your own bottled running water, shirt and stockings to keep you hot (I never go without my hoodie), and some of your favourite foods.

Mrs Mulder's favourites are oat flakes and nuts and dried fruits. Have you slept through dinner time or didn't get enough food, take a stroll to the cabin crew and ask what you need. There' s nothing to put a mute on a holiday like a thrombus in your leg.

Research has shown that long haul travel can increase the chance of developing vein thrombosis and that body size is an added health hazard, according to the FCC. It is still a scarce disease, but the C.D.C. advises "ambulation", which is a eccentric term for gait and femoral exercise, and proposes gait benches for particularly large people.

Though you may not be worried about a clots, going and stretching will generally make you less unhappy, and there are many ways to get out of your chair. Mr Douglas suggests for novices the extension "grasshopper binding", in which the finger behind the back is crossed and the shoulders are moved towards each other, and the "sitting twist", in which the hands are placed on the opposite side of the back and turned from the top of the back.

Subdividing your flying hours is the right way to go and can significantly shorten the feeling of flying.

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