Book Cab on Phone

Booking a taxi by phone

Where can I book Ola cab? Distracted how to use OLA. I don't know how to book OLA Cab via the OLA application.

To book an Ola cab via a portable application

Where can I book Ola cab? I don't know how to book OLA Cab via the OLA app. When this is your first trip with OLA and you are unable to make any progress with OLA's on-line cabin reservation. With these easy to follow instructions you can book your OLA seating quickly and simply on-line. In order to book an OLA cab, you need the OLA app on your mobile phone.

First, please start by downloading the software from the Playstore software available on your phone. The old member enters your access data: Start now and you will see how to click the Log in and Register to OLA accounts options. When you book on OLA, you earn OLA points in your OLA pallet options.

Choose your actual location: Choose your site to get an overview of all OLA driver compartments available at that site. At home, in the offices, at the train stations, at the airports or at your present or next site. 6. enter your position and choose the vehicle: Choose the pick-up options and choose the cabin you want and you will see all available cabins in your area.

Booking your taxi: you will see the options named REIDE NOW. To book the trip, click here. Get the drivers data on the phone: After you click on Journey now you will immediately get a validation of the drivers and their particulars on your cell phone. Choose your route: in a few seconds you will see the options on the card. You can also use your OLA funds by driving cashless.

Where can I book Ola cab?

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