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Extension of Pco license Contact number

If you renew your driving licence, your vehicle must not be more than twelve years old. In order to apply for a private rental license, you must contact us. Driving license for hackney carriages and personal rental vehicles -

City of Salford

No. A HCV (black cabin) to be used within the town of Salford must be licenced from the Approval Department. Well, a hackney coach car is generally known as a taxi. They can be London style cabs (in any color but predominantly black) or specially constructed Hackney cars from a number of different vendors.

They will be in full color with a permanently lit taxisign on the car helm. Well, a Hackney coach can be stopped in the Salford area. No. A Hackney coach car must be registered with the license section. In order to license a car as a Hackney freight, you must fill out an on-line registration request as well as a £247 charge for a 12 months license.

Every rolling stock must have a conformity attestation before a mark is made out. Every Salford City Council licenced Hackney coach carries a type label in gold on the front and back of the coaches. It shall bear the following particulars: the licence plates, the date of expiration, the licence plates, the car models and the number of persons for whom it is authorised.

Every individual who drives a Pullman must also be registered as a Pullman with the Salford Council. When you have a grievance or request regarding a Salford based Hackney coach, please contact the License Section. Every individual wishing to run a privately owned rental car within the town of Salford must have the licence department.

Before a member of the general public can use a privately rented car for a trip, it must be prebooked through an authorised privately owned landlord. It is not possible to mark these cars on the road. Every citizen who makes a trip by marking these cars will do so without insurance.

Persons wishing to make a reservation must do so via the landlord and not via the driver's own cell telephone. There is a type label on the front and back of a privately owned rental car that is licenced by Salford City Council. Inscriptions on the sign indicate the car rental number, expiration date, make and color of the car and full registry number.

Approval Department is in charge of the implementation and complaint of privately rented cars. Please see the Taxis License Terms below.

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