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Login PTO Portal If you have any questions about your passwords, please consult your manager or a member of the Charter Regional Workforce Management / Quota Teams. The system is intended exclusively for use by authorised charter personnel. Charter retains the right to supervise the use of this system at any times to assure adherence to all relevant charter guidelines and government rules.

Use of this system represents your acceptance of the Charter's supervision and your explicit permission to use this system in accordance with current legislation. Unauthorised use or use of this system may lead to the removal of your membership benefits, other sanctions, even terminating your contract of service or any contract, or referral to the appropriate authorities, which may include providing proof of unauthorised use or gain entry into prosecution.


User name: Password: By pressing the "Login" buttons, I agree to the privacy and data protection policy outlined here. You have been provided with a user name and your login name and your login information which were sent to you at the moment of approval of your registration. Have you forgotten your user name? Have you forgotten your passwort? The co-founder of XPIC has a great heart! Epiphany:

What's happening epically?

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Use the user name and passphrase you received from your local sales manager. We look forward to welcoming you to our neighbourhood and would like to express our enthusiasm when you come to explore a place as unique as yours. Highlight your and your family's pictures in your new charter home or neighbourhood with #LiveSomeplaceSpecial and post them on your community content to earn our free weekly gift.

Pent Portal Logins - Main Departments

The first time you login, you will need to modify your login information in something of your choosing. It is important to obey the instructions on the page for changing the passwords to make the passwords safe. In case you have forgotten your username, you can recover your username by clicking on the below mentioned button that matches your country of residency.

Below the login box you will see the following link: "Forgot username/password", please click on it and set your user name and your passwort back. The login user name login information is first the first surname and then the number 1 as follows:

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