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Selection of aircrafts With our choice of air taxi class, you can choose the best solution for your needs and your budgets. This is your most cost-effective choice. Excellent for hop travel with lightweight luggage. Ideally suited for shorter breaks, offers additional cab room and convenience. Fast, high-performance twin-engine airplane for groups and family.

This is a beautiful high efficiency nozzle for a small group with a small to mid-term quest.

Intermediate-haul flight at turbo jet speeds.

Air taxi models pro aircraft charters 1 to 33 passenger aircraft with turbines

Our available fleets of privately owned planes are capable of carrying from 1 to 50 passengers, while maintaining the feeling of hospitality and services you would expect from a privately owned charter. Booking an Air Taxi. Designed to comfortably transport 3 passengers plus baggage. Crammed with security enhancements, this is undoubtedly the cheapest and newest privately owned airplane for flying through the UK and Europe.

The King Air is really a jets plane with front airfoils. It is under full pressure and is able to reach velocities close to its bigger privately owned passengers while still staying very cost-effective. There is room for 8 persons plus baggage for longer journeys through Europe and Great Britain and has a full standing cab.

It is the biggest part of our British and Europe fleets.

Lufttaxi plan 30 aircraft Cirrus fleet

Just think if you want to start a charters airline.... Usually these are one or more turbine-powered, multi-engine planes occupied by two pilotes. Frequently, services are organised through intermediaries who fix prices and in turn remunerate the airline for the provision of the services. It' s a classic package, but not as Ben Hamilton and his associates thought it would be.

Hamilton, an aviation and space engineering graduate from Georgia Tech and CFI who led the school's 200-member Yellow Jacket Flying Club, and Aaron Sohacki, also a Ramblin' Wreck driver and follower, had a different perspective when they began to discuss the yacht Charter industry in 2005. Top end customers such as large enterprises and wealthy private persons are well serviced with EJM, Jet Aviation and other corporate identities.

Naturally, it would require a price quote to get everyday street fighters off the highway into the air. There'?s a second one. Your flight was the Cirrus SR22, a demanding, high-performance four-seater aeroplane. The Cirrus among the standard aircrafts has a special skydiving system for entire aircrafts.

Another important component was a website (http://www.flyimagineair. com) that would immediately offer passengers prices for every journey between two of the 900 East U.S. airfields. Prices could change according to the hour of the morning - a function that has been coded to help minimise empty trips. As there would only be one pilots, this would have to be an accomplished flyer and have a dedicated, inviting character - after all, the pilots would probably be the only ImagineAir staff the client would have access to.

The ImagineAir began operations in 2007 at Gwinnett County Airport, Lawrenceville, Georgia. Currently the business employs 40 people, runs a float of 11 SR22, rented by clients and operated by 20 full-time and flexitime pilot, most of whom are pensioned airlines or army transport. Altogether, the planes have completed over 25,000 flying segments on journeys of an hour 20 minutes on medium and 1.8 passenger on medium.

Hamilton said the company's operations are operating profitably and expanding according to Hamilton, CEO, co-founder and boyfriend Sohacki is now a Delta Airlines marketing company. Sales have grown by 30% or more each year, he says, and the plans include expanding the airline to 30 planes next year and a further 20 in 2016.

Hamilton says, just as well: "The cost was too high for our one. As soon as the enterprise has saturated the east coast, Hamilton envisions that they could also start a west coast surgery.

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