Airport Cab Company

Cabin company at the airport

Any passenger wishing to enter a cabin that is not from Washington must first contact the operator of that company directly. cab company Over ten cab operators offer services to and from the airport and Las Vegas offices. A Nevada Taxicab Authority, an authority of the State of Nevada in charge of medallion distribution and pricing, regulates the provision of services. Certain cabs do not allow the use of bank cards. Clients should contact their companion if they are planning to use a debit to pay.

A $2.00 fee is charged on all rates emanating from the airport. Minimum number of persons permitted in a cab is five (5), baby and child included. Taxis are available on the eastern side of the luggage reclaim area, in front of exit 1 - 4. The airport staff is available to help with the line queues and assist when needed.

At the western end of the terminal there are 20 inland cabs and 10 eastern cabs for travellers from abroad. Fast exits allow transport to quickly get out of the airport and airport staff are available to help if needed.

John Wayne Airport, Orange County (SNA), situated in Southern California.

At John Wayne Airport there is a comfortable taxi shuttle available for travellers from the Ground Transportation Center (GTC) at the arrivals floor (lower level) between Terminals A and B. At Terminal C there are complimentary arrival floor (lower level) cabs at Terminal C in column 14. Taxis come with 4-passenger cars, 7-passenger MPVs and wheeled accessible cars, and since all taxis are equipped with either compressed natural gas (CNG) or Ultra Low-Emission Vehicle (ULEV) certification, you can drive some of the most green looking cars in Orange County!

Find the cab co-ordinators who can help you and get you on your way. Taxis operated at John Wayne Airport are licenced through the Orange County Tax Administration Program (OCTAP), a volunteer organization of Orange County Agencies established to centrally regulate taxes, co-ordinate taxes, and perform other administration tasks under the auspices of the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA).

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