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Pick-up taxi service

Please click here for detailed instructions on picking up from MSP Airport. Have your pet(s) and all their belongings ready for collection at the scheduled time. TAXI Orlando Service | Orlando Airport Transportation The Mears Taxi Mobile application is now available! The Mears Taxi application can be downloaded from the Apple Retail of your smartphone. Look for "Mears Taxi" and start enjoying it!

Obtain a quick quotation for your taxi transport and make your reservations on-line with our comfortable accounting machine. Reserving your taxi on-line allows you to follow the taxi's progress on our website.

We also provide fee account services for private persons and companies in Central Florida who require a taxi service on a frequent basis. Since 1939, Mears has been known for a high quality standards unrivalled by our competition. The reliability of our taxi and truck service goes far beyond the normal. Not only do we take you where you need to be, we also take great pride in transporting you with diligence that can only be reached through years of service in Central Florida.

Taxi drivers are locals who know the best route to get you to your destinations on schedule. In addition, we use GPS technologies to provide fast and precise service. One of the best in the business, our staff undergo comprehensive backgrounds and periodic trainings to keep pace with the latest best practice.

Our 600 modernly equipped cabs in our own flotilla provide convenient and reliable transport throughout central Florida. Each taxi is regularly serviced, detailed, washed and vacuumed before each shifts. You can always count on a safer and cleaner trip at your destination. Wherever you travel, 365 of the year, at any hour of the morning, our skilled taxi drivers are ready to help.

Booking now and see why Orlando Taxi Service, Central Florida Taxi Service and Orlando Airport Taxi Services is the best in the business.

SFO Airport Taxi Cab SJC OAK | SFO Airport Taxi Pick-up procedure

And before you pick up your luggage: No. 408-577-1234 or 1-888-833-2525 (toll free) once you disembark, it will confirm that you have arrived securely. It is important that you call us immediately after landing before you enter immigrant services, we will notify your chauffeur and it will shorten your waiting period after you have picked up your baggage.

Once you have arrived at Terminal A, please obey the taxi sign and walk in front of the taxi line. The driver will consult with you. When landing in Terminal B: Go to taxi rank 12 (where it says: Prearranged Vehicles). The driver will consult with you. Hold on 5 to 10 mins, your taxi arrives.

Don't get the taxi from the airports, you end up having to pay the extra charge at the end of the flight, which is 50% on top of the overall rate.

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