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The Hailo was a British technology platform that brought taxi drivers and passengers together via their mobile phone application. During the Hailo days, if you were with us, you can log in with your old Hailo account information. The reason why Hailo was compelled to merger with Daimler's WellTaxi.

The London taxi application Hailo has approved a fusion with MyTaxi, the passenger ride that Daimler purchased two years ago. Hailo as a trademark will end with the sale. Hailo says his application and service will be renamed MyTaxi by mid-2017. It is a frustrating result for a business that has been seen on the roads of London since 2011.

Founded in London in 2010, Hailo is a team venture between three technological companies and three taxi operators. It worked similar to many other taxi apps: you say where you want to go, and a Hailo taxi comes and brings you there. However, it was crucial for London that Hailo worked with taxis and used his taxi co-founders to establish a strong rapport with taxiers.

Expanding from the roads of London, the business also included Ireland, Japan, Spain, the USA and Canada. However, it was Hailo's US growth that led to major difficulties within the group. Arriving in New York in 2013, Hailo tried to use the same urban design as in London:

Hailo had an important US presence in the US insurance industry and they collected $30 million (£22.8 million) from the prestigious US adventure equity funds Union Square Ventures and Richard Branson. An extended essay by Fortune, released in 2014, explains that Hailo has not managed to establish a strong connection with New York taxi riders as she did in London.

Hailo was able to earn cash with cheaper journeys because the more costly city cars predominated. When Hailo was compelled to fire 40 of its New York staff, its devastating US presence finally resulted in Hailo CEO Jay Bregman quitting the group. "Hailo in the USA had a bad experience - it is my own view - because they decided to work with taxis in Manhattan.

They' ll need dark automobiles if they're outside Manhattan. Second, they want a dark Manhattan automobile when no yellow colors are available. When you only work with yellow, the only times you use an application like Hailo or Gett is when it's yellow or bustling or it' rain.

When you need them, Yellow will not respond to your inquiries because they have so much work on the road. "Hailo had tried to break the USA and fell. In 2014 The Independent said that Hailo made a 21 pound drop, Hailo said then that it was "deliberately unprofitable" due to investment in engineering and merchandising.

In 2015, we told them that Hailo was in discussions to launch an important new financing round. Finally, in October 2015, Hailo heralded that it would drop its personal rental licence, the regulatory arrangement required for the operation of an Uber-like SLA. Instead of providing trips in privately owned cars, it only returned to taxis.

They gave up the personal lease attempt they had made since 2014. Hailo's discussions with investor groups turned from fund-raising discussions to open takeover discussions. Now Hailo has formally stated that it will fuse with MyTaxi. Hailo CEO Andrew Pinnington will manage the business from the headquarters of MyTaxi in Hamburg.

This is certainly an amazing operation, but it is still a sorry ending for the UK taxicom.

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