Air Tickets Reservation

Reservation of flight tickets

Find out more about how to make a booking, how to pay for your air ticket and what is included in your itinerary. Book Reservation references include number of travelers, trip category and other flights detail....

Which is the reservation state? Once the places are available, the reservation indicates that the reservation has been made. If you do not buy the tickets within the period specified in the tickets regulations, a confirmation of your reservation can be voided by our reservation system.

Will I need to re-confirm my reservation? Please enter your personal information and help us to assist you in the unlikely case of a cancellation. If I only want to receive timetables without making a reservation, what happens? In order to get only our timetables, please go to our timetables page on the Internet.

Our timetable can also be downloaded in Excel/PDF form. When can I reserve a plane in time? Up to 330 flights can be booked in anticipation. May I make a reservation for someone else? Yes, you can make reservations for anyone on-line if you can give accurate traveler information when making the reservation.

Could I get on the waiting list for a plane ride? In case the tickets are full, our reservation office will be happy to put you on a waiting list, which will be approved and communicated to you at a later date. Reservation personnel will help you choose your favorite seating position on the plane.

Could I ask for extra support when making a reservation? Contact our reservation personnel. Can I book on-line? Bookings via the World Wide Web are referred to as on-line bookings or on-line bookings. This is a different way to book your holiday on-line and is now more convenient for your customers. The available choices appear on your computer monitor and all you have to do is choose the choices you want, fill in the necessary information and make your reservation from the comfort of your own home, business or other favourite place.

You do not need to go to a reservation office / airport or other retail location to obtain your tickets. Or you can go to our reservation machine page by selecting Plan & Book -> Book -> Book a Flight page. What is the online reservation procedure? Easily set up your reservation in simple to follow navigation and choose your preferred itinerary.

Pay for your tickets on-line with your credit/debit cards. Once you have paid, the system generates a PNR (Passenger Name Record) for your route and prompts you to view/print your tickets. Reservation system sends email confirming the reservation. Via this email hyperlink you can register on our website to visit the PNR again, reprint the e-ticket voucher and synchronise the reservation with your desk computer calendar/manual diary, monitor the wheather and many other functions.

In order to access the terminal and proceed to check-in, make sure you have your confirmation of reservation together with a passport, driver's license or residence permit. In the event that the Ticket Owner does not travel together as a group and tickets have been bought for a related person or member of the immediate household, take a copy of both sides of the Ticket with you, together with a properly completed authorisation form from the Ticket Owner.

Which possibilities are there under online reservation? Use our reservation machine to verify seating availabilities, current rates, alternate tickets, choice of seating, reservation and payment of tickets, printout of itineraries, etc. You will receive a verification email at the email you provided, and you will be able to use the email links provided to make your reservation.

Can I make bookings on-line for all destination and sector? Is it possible to make bookings for more than one town in a journey? Yes, you can make a multi-city journey using the web browser by choosing "Link to more than one destination". When can I make an on-line reservation? Up to 330 flights can be booked in advance from the date of your flight's depart.

Which is the minimal reservation period? There is a 2 hour delay before the planned date of take-off. What kind of passenger can I reserve online for? Reservations can be made for adults, children and infants without occupancy of seats. Other: - You cannot make online reservations for the following customers who require specific service.

How many tickets can I buy on-line? Up to 6 tickets can be booked at the same trip, and you can take any adult and child mix with up to 6 children. Which tariffs are available for on-line bookings? In the case of on-line bookings, standard rates are available.

Discounts on regular rates may be available from period to period. Bookings machine will search and display the available seats at the cheapest rate on the desired date and hour. You can overwrite this function to get the cheapest airfares on any other date by just choosing the "Cheapest airfare" checkbox on the page of the airline enquiry.

There are three price options-( a ) Lowest price, ( b ) Lowest for the date, and ( c ) Desired date and at. Allows you to set your favorite price option and begin your reservation processing. When you book your tickets on-line, you will receive a confirmation via the rating page and the page "Reserve" with a hyperlink "Show tariff rules".

Be sure to read the full regulations and get in touch with our office for further clarification. May I make a reservation for someone else? Yes, you can make a reservation for any individual who uses your credit/debit cards. Which price currencies and currencies are acceptable when making an online reservation? Our prices for your tickets are calculated according to the place of departure of your flights.

Is it possible to book online if I have to carry luggage? Yes, you can get your tickets online, even if you have to carry luggage. Is there anything that happens if I loose my online reservation? There is no need to be worried, even if you loose your reservation ref. It' securely saved in our reservation system.

Has my on-line reservation been approved? If you buy your tickets on-line, your reservation is validated and you will get a message on your computer confirming that your order was successfully completed. If your tickets are not generated on-line, your travel planning acknowledgement will display a warning as "Your tickets have not been issued" for good reason.

Therefore, this travel confirmation cannot be used for travel and check-in. If this is the case, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to have your tickets made out. Is it possible to put myself on the waiting list on a plane or monitor a plane on-line? It is currently not possible to make waiting list postings for an entire trip using the posting machine.

You can however turn to our reservation department and we will be happy to help you. Do I need to reconfirm an on-line reservation? No, you do not need to reconfirm your reservation if you have made a reservation on-line. Is it possible to book & hold a reservation and make payment later? Bookings must be fully filled in and immediately payed by bank transfer.

Is it possible to choose or book my place online? "A graphic airplane schedule created in live from our reservation system is shown on your computer. Is it possible to change the route chosen during the reservation procedure? However, this is only available before paying and print the tickets.

Can I see a verification page immediately after my on-line reservation? Yes, after a successfull reservation you will see a page of confirmations with your PNR references, itineraries and ticketing information. If I already have a valid tickets, can I still make a reservation on-line? At the moment only new registrations can be made which have to be payed on-line.

When you already have a tickets, you must go to your local tourist agency or our reservation department to make a reservation. Do I collect my Sinbad miles when I make a reservation now? Yes, you will also receive the corresponding miles for your on-line purchases. When you sign in through your Sindbadccount, your profil will be filled in through the accounting machine.

How can I pay for my reservation via the internet? Work is underway to offer other on-line means of paying. Once you have checked and confirmed your reservation, fill in the necessary information about your credit and click on the "Buy" link. Upon receiving the authorisation, a ticketing will be made out. If your merchant refuses the purchase, it will appear on the verification page as "Ticket not issued".

Online reservation machine website is fully secure. All your credential information passes through a secure SSL procedure with 128-bit encoding - an industrial benchmark for encoding over the web to secure the information. By entering information such as your credentials, it transforms itself fully into code before being sent safely over the web.

Who can I turn to for help, explanation, queries, etc.? Do I still have the option of reserving my credit/debit cards on-line if I don't have a Visa/Mastercard brand? Can I use the value of an empty ticket/voucher to buy tickets on-line? Currently we cannot process your order for coupons or certificates for on-line shopping.

Have there been any changes in the check-in or board-ing processes for tickets bought now? There are no changes to the check-in processes or to the board-level procedures for tickets bought on-line. All you need is a passport, driver's license, residence permit and your travel confirmation for check-in. In the event that the owner does not travel together as a group and tickets have been bought for a member of the cardholder's relationship /family, take a copy of both sides of the original form with you, together with a properly autographed authorisation note from the owner.

Could I ask for extra support with my online reservation? Our service includes specific menu options that you can select from predefined drop-down lists on the reservation page. How do you mean ticket? You can also ask your favourite agency to help you with issuing tickets. How soon can I buy my tickets?

Tickets can be purchased at any point before your scheduled itinerary. In order to safeguard and ensure your reservations, however, you are obliged to buy your tickets as soon as you have completed your itinerary and definitely before the specified deadline for issuing them. Is it possible to buy tickets in anticipation without having a reservation?

The tickets will be delivered according to the valid tariff and ticketing regulations. Is it possible to get a reimbursement for tickets I haven't used? Tickets not used may be reimbursed or redeemed for another according to the applicable tariff and Ticketing regulations. If my hard copy tickets are missing, what happens? Under certain circumstances and in compliance with applicable law, we may be able to provide an additional purchase or return the value of the non-used portion of the purchase.

Which is an eTicket? Etiquette is an innovation to use the etiquette issuance process for air tickets. As a result, conventional hard-copy tickets are no longer required and an electrically guided recording (ticket) of the transactions is created. The system generates your reservation with ticketing information when you buy. In this way you get the most important information about your reservation and flight.

They must provide a printout and a passport with a photograph to board and board at the airports. In addition, an e-mail is sent to the passenger's e-mail account, which can also be used for printing, entering the terminal and check-in. Which are the advantages? e-Ticket is a comfortable, quick and secure alternative to conventional tickets.

It' s quick: you no longer have to pick up the tickets from us or hurry to the agency to keep the lead time. There' s no more worrying about loosing your tickets or getting them taken. If you do not have your reservation references or e-ticket information with you, we can still browse our databases and access your tickets.

If you need to change your trip schedule, call our reservation department, we can check your reservations and e-ticket and change them if necessary. When I don't get a hard copy ticketing, how do I know that the reservation has been made and is accurate? Even though you will not get a traditional hardcopy tickets, you will get a trip planning/receipt from our bureau that confirms your reservation.

It is also possible to find your reservation in this web reservation and printout the data for your recording. Do you have access to tickets for all your destination? The method of paying for an e-ticket does not differ from that of a printed one. Is it possible to order an eTicket when I check in luggage?

Yes, you can order your tickets electronically, whether or not you have luggage for check-in. May I issue an eTicket for an infant? When you want to modify an e-ticket for date of travel, industry, category, and so on. The system generates a data set of the reservation and the eTicket for a successfull eTicket order.

We will also send you an e-mail with the progress of your reservation if you have given us your e-mail adress. Printing the posting references or e-mail. All you need to do is go to the nearest aerodrome and show your passport with a photograph and travel confirmation.

Will I need a badge to get into the car to the international airports or to check-in? In order to access the aerodrome and for checking in, you must present your travel confirmation together with a current identity card with a photograph, i.e: Have there been any changes in the check-in procedure or board-level for an e-ticket? There are no changes to the check-in procedure or board-level for an e-ticket.

Is it possible to modify my reservation or cancellation? Should you make any changes to your reservation, please contact our reservation office to make the necessary changes as soon as possible. As soon as you cancels your reservation according to the tariff base of the tickets, you may be eligible for a reimbursement, flying on another date, paying surcharges.

For more information, please consult our reservation office. Which changes to my reservation can I make on-line? Adds your date of citizenship and date of born. Refresh the contacts information. Which is the on-line check-in facility? Please enter important information about your trip and your reservation. And who can use the on-line check-in area?

When can I use the online check-in facility how many times in advance? How many times in the future can I use the online check-in facility? Approximately how many lessons are required before discontinuing online check-in for a particular trip? Is it possible for a group of travellers to board from different sites? Specifying the name of the person and the reservation dataset/flight number group allows travellers to board from different places.

If I have luggage to be checked in, can I use the on-line check-in area? Our check-in personnel will mark your luggage to your final destinations. Is it possible to register for my connection flight? Can I access the on-line check-in facilities from all aerodromes? Is it possible to upgrade my Sindbad membership data to collect mileage?

The system allows you to refresh the system settings if they do not already exist in the posting entries. Visit the Online Check-in page again and enter your travel information to view your reservation. The system displays the available occupant name in the reservation record. 4. Select the travelers on the plane to create the boarding pass.

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