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Only when we float in the air and no landing is in sight do we force our wings to unfold and unfortunately begin our flight. Fly Proverbs and Fly Quotes In the following you will find our anthology of inspiring, sage and funny old flight quotes, flight slogans and flight saying that have been gathered over the years from various wellsprings. "When you think about flight, it's really crazy. "It may not be easy to fly, but it's a lot of money to have a good time.

" There'?s no such thing as flight without a wing. "It' s an hour-long bore, littered with a few seconds of pure terrorism. "Sometimes flight is too divine to be reached by humans. "The enthusiasm for flight is too great, the enjoyment too great, to be ignored as a sports activity.

" To fly is more than a sports and more than a profession; to fly is purely passions and lust that fill a life. "To fly is like to play a Musical Instruments; you do so many things and think of so many other things, all at the same aime. "Flight has ruptured the relation between place and time: it uses our old watch, but with new standards.

" To fly is to learn how to drop yourself on the floor and miss. "There'?s no better way to do a good thing than to fly, because if you win, you kill. "There' s nothing to do when you're in the air. Flying's terrible. "I' m not afraid of flight, I' m afraid of the crash.

" And I think it's a shame to loose the romance of flight and just take it as a means of transportation....... "The good thing about being alone is that it never gets dull. "Only when you fly over it do you realise how unbelievable the earth really is.

" To fly was a very palpable liberty. "Once you have sampled the flight, you will wander the ground forever with your gaze up, for there you were, and there you will always long to go back. "That'?s the thing about flying: It would take you long enough to speak to someone and never know their name again, sharing your innermost mysteries and never seeing them again.

" Sometimes it can be simple to fly, but with the bad engine or the bad Person at the helm it is the most challenging thing in the worlds. "Those who one day would learnt to flee must first learnt to stop and go and run and run and run and clamber and dance; you cannot go into flight.

For those who like to fly, heaven is a home. "There is no sports like the one that pilots relish when airborne on large blank canopies.

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