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It'?s cheap for a private jet. As with any ride, you can book your private flight in our app with just a few simple steps.

The JetSmarter private airline is open to non-members.

Personal travel? Headaches with planning and total killing on your banking accounts - especially member dues, which restrict the attractiveness of private aircraft to 1% free use. Fortunately, JetSmarter - which started in 2012 and is now the biggest private airline in the globe - has just started a pay-as-you-go programme that dispenses with the one-time introduction and yearly charges and allows you to book a place on a pre-arranged ticket (or arrange/procure one yourself).

This means you can be on the go with your flight and save up to $7950. In addition, you are more likely to be permitted to travel in bad weather, and ( in certain cities) you can use the JetSmarter application to book a private aircraft in the vicinity if you are stranded at a business aerodrome.

Please note: If a nonmember book a JetSmarter aircraft with the JetSmarter 718 codes by July 25, they will receive the ticket at membership rate.

Medellin, Colombia Private jet and air charter services

Customers enjoy first class services, untiring commitment to security, a large choice of planes and years of private jet charter work. Medellin is the second biggest town in Colombia with 2.7 million inhabitants. Medellin lies at 5,000 feet above sealevel and has a moist tropical clim. In 1616 the town was established in the picturesque Aburrá valley, but stayed small until the booming cafe.

Medellin is today a cosmopolitan contemporary town with the largest collections of Fernando Botero's works, luxury dining, beautiful museum and hotel facilities. Principal commodities are textile, iron and steel, confectionery, beverages and foodstuffs, agricultural commodities, chemicals and medicines, consumer goods, pulp and paper, pulp and paper, public service, flower and processed petroleum. You will find a number of different festivities and activities such as the Flower Festival, the International Poetry Festival, the International Tango Festival, the International Jazz Festival, the Book Fair, the Parade of Myths and Legends, the Feria International del Challo and the Bullfighting Festival of La Macarena.

The Medellin airport is serviced by José María Córdova International Airport (MDE) and Olaya Herrera Airport (EOH). ADN, Andes, Andes, Colombia. AFI, Amalfi, Amalfi, Amalfi, Colombia.

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