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aerial flight

The AirPods may be the best wireless headphones you can buy for money, but they don't play with everything. Inspection: The AirFly is a convenient way to use cordless earphones in aircraft. Known primarily for its BookBook cases for MacBooks and iPhones, Twelve South later added a broad line of styleful Apple kits for MacBooks, iMac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and more. Would you like to listen to the TV sound of the car stereo with your cordless earphones?

AirFly - a miniature unit that combines cordless earphones with corded stereo connections in airplanes, gyms, and wherever corded earphones were needed. Simply connect your AirFly cordless earphones, insert them into the earphone socket and you're there. The AirFly remains recharged for eight long hours and contains a rechargeable battery charger and a carry bag.

However, it's not exactly a treasure, and the business is known for good-looking, well-made merchandise, so I have no problem with it. AirFly was specially developed for AirPods. AirFly is more like a silky matt surface, but they look very good as if they belonged together.

Usually I usually sway things to tell you the importance, but the AirFly is frankly so easy that it's not even rewarding to try a measurement. The AirFly will be launched with a 3. I only complain that the colour matching with the AirFly itself is bad. Each key is very neat and tidy.

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a 1 Whip, so coupling is the default way of doing it. The first mating is a little tricky. To do this, keep the AirFly key pressed for about five seconds until it blinks yellow and knows (the directions say 10 seconds, but I have noticed that it is less). With AirPods, keep them in the bag with the cover open and keep the key on the back of the bag pressed until the flash inside the bag turns off bright whitely.

I' ve tried them with my Bowers & Wilkins P5 wireless headsets, where you press and hold down the mains switch until you heard a row of music. Coupling is very complex as there is no indicator at either end to see what is going on and there is a very abrasive time-out on the AirFly - it gives you about five or six seconds.

Once mated, however, the reconnection is painless: Simply press and hold the AirFly key for a few seconds. For such a small unit, the operating distance is really impressing. I' ve become a complete switch to cordless earphones, even with my iPad and Mac, where a cordless link would be possible. And the same cordless liberty when you' re in the air is really convenient - to avoid the common dancing you have to do with corded earphones when you have to let someone in or out of their seats, get something out of the luggage bin or use the toilet.

You can buy it at Amazon. It' $39.99 for air fly. Known for his operas and diaries, he explores his experiences with Apple software over the years to gain a more comprehensive overview.

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