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Several nations have opted for Flight Sharing, an analogy to Ride Sharing services such as Uber and Lyft. Just think about it, but for planes. Aeronautical authorization law would make it legal.

Some years ago a firm tried to offer a Uber-style airplane and personal jet servicing business. A number of countries have opted for "Flight Sharing", an analogy to "Ride Sharing" such as Uber and Lyft. It has become particularly widespread in Europe, where the application allows to take away those with more than 10,000 small personal airplanes with them.

In general, it will cost a lot less than a plane ride with an air carrier, as well as cost a lot less than a cab. Flytenow (pronounced "flight now"), a similar US ministry, was introduced in 2014. However, just as it was beginning to gain momentum, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sued the corporation in lawsuit to close it.

The D.C. Circuit Court decided in favour of the FAA in December 2015. Flytenov has been deactivated. Under the Aviation Empowerment Act, the Court's ruling would be substantially reversed and would again allow the operation of US aircraft share applications and Web sites. To put it technically, the Act would expand the regulatory definition of the US federal administration of commons carriers.

This is because the Court's ruling to set aside Mr Flytenow was based primarily on a strict interpretation of that concept. In essence, most FLYTENOV flyers owned privately owned licences, non-commercial licences like the flyers of American, United States, Delta and similar enterprises. FAA was of the opinion that under the Act FLYTENOVIERS should be regarded as commons carrier, which would oblige them to hold licences for merchant flying.

Flytenov didn't agree, but the tribunal decided against her. Supporter argument that the bill will take another industry of transport innovation similar to Uber and Lyft transport innovation to www. uber.com/lift.com, that it works in other jurisdictions where it has been tested. Adversaries oppose the idea that current policies and classification for different pilot species make good use of as a safer way to regulate the country's air space.

Meanwhile, the FAA allows seven strict exceptions in which individual aircraft can carry a passenger or cargo for cash, none of which applies to Flytenow or similar service.

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