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The Brighthouse Networks, Saint Petersburg, Florida. BRIGHTHOUSE is the 6th biggest U.S. CATV provider and services approximately 2 million television subscribers in downtown Florida, California, Orlando and Tampa Bay, Alabama, Indiana, Michigan and California.

BRIGHTHOUSE is the 6th biggest U.S. CATV provider and provides service to approximately 2 million videocustomers in downtown Florida, such as Orlando and Tampa Bay as well as Alabama, Indiana, Michigan and California. 7%, of which Advance/Newhouse will hold 26.3%. I' m looking forward to working with the Bright House staff we have known for years to deliver great value to our clients to increase our overall sales and service reach.

Bright House Networks is very proud of what we have accomplished - from the excellence of our infrastructures to the levels of customer satisfaction that our people deliver every single customer every single working day. At Bright House Networks, we pride ourselves on what we have accomplished. As part of our pre Bright House Networks alliance with Time Warner cable, Tom was managing cables.

Advance/Newhouse will be paid $5.9 billion in interchangeable joint venture entities and $2.5 billion in interchangeable preferential partnerships paying a 6% voucher in return for its contributions. Three million marketable securities at a price of $173.00 (the "Reference Price") per security. Three million preferential affiliate entities will be convertable at a price of $242.19, equivalent to a 40% bonus on the reference price.

Based on the number of convertible partnerships and taking into account the effects of both the issue of 33% of GreatLand Connections Inc. acquisition stock and Liberty Broadband's acquisition of new stock, Advance/Newhouse is estimated to own 26 stock. Advance/Newhouse has declared its willingness in relation to the deal to give Liberty Broadband a maximum of 6% of the votes of Liberty Broadband's stock for the five years following the completion of the deal, which means that Liberty Broadband is likely to have a combined vote of 25 persons.

A new shareholders' contract (the "shareholders' contract") with Advance/Newhouse and Liberty Broadband will come into force upon conclusion of the same. In addition, the shareholders' understanding provides for limitations on votes and the necessary repurchase of shares at certain purchase thresholds and sets limitations on transferability among other corporate management issues. The UBS Investment Bank acts as sole provider of financing advice to Advance/Newhouse Partnership and Bright House Networks LLC, and Sabin, Bermant & Gould LLP and Sullivan & Cromwell LLP act as counsel.

The company is the 6th biggest US company to own and operate wiring networks and the second biggest in Florida, with technology advancements in five states, Florida, Alabama, Indiana, Michigan, California and two of the top 20 leading digital signaling (DMA) providers. Light Home Networks serve approximately 2. 5 million subscribers to one or more of its CCTV, high-speed network, home safety and control, and speech solutions.

Throughout its Florida operations, Bright House Networks also possesses and maintains select, award-winning broadcast television networks and television stations. More information about Bright House Networks or our product and service portfolio can be found at Supplementary information about the proxies' attendees and a representation of their immediate and consequential interests, whether through securities portfolios or otherwise, will also be contained in each proxies and other pertinent material to be submitted to the SEC when available.

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