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India's first air taxi takes off from Bengaluru, flight to Kempegowda International Base in only 15 mins.

India's first air taxi shuttle began Monday in Bengaluru when a chopper was flying from Electronic Downtown in Bengaluru to Kempegowda International Airport. It took only 15 min to get there, which would have taken a few ours on the street due to the problems with urban transport.

Thumbay Aviation's Kerala-based taxi services can carry up to six people in one trip and the single rate is $4,130 per passenger, all tax included. "We' ve got an awesome feedback from the passenger base. We were asked by some why we didn't launch this early. Thumby Aviation Chairman and Managing Director Captain K N G Nair said in a Times of India report: "They are very convenient and also save a lot of valuable travel times, especially at busy times.

One of the first flyer videos on Heli Taxii. Currently, the KIA and the Electronic City are in contact. In the next few months, Thumby Aviation is planning to expand HAL Airport as an additional target. Taxi is handicapped accessible and available for handicapped people. "The Heli Taxi is available for those in wheelchairs.

Passengers can also choose the same thing in the application; if the chair wheel choices are made, the passengers are supported in getting on and off," the airline said. Passengers can use the Heli Taxii application to reserve a seating position via their smartphones.

The Bangalore helicopter taxi has begun to fly; prices, schedules and how to make a reservation Condé Nast Traveller India India

Bangalore's long-awaited Bangalore Taxi Services started early Monday 5 March with a plane ride from Bangalore International Airport to Electronic City. As Thumby Aviation, the operator of the HeliTaxii services, informed CNT that a Bell 407 aircraft had been employed to transport customers from Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore to Electronic City, Phase 1.

HelliTaxii also intends to commence operation from HAL "soon" and will be adding a 13-seater Bell 412 aircraft "in the near future" as market demands increase. Whilst the timetable for the flight is flexibel, the Heli-Taxi will initially be operated in two shift periods. Between Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) in Bangalore and Electronic City there are on avarage three round tours from 6.30 a.m. to 9 a.m..

This four-edged, single-engine Bell 407 chop, which can be used as a heli-taxi, can accommodate up to six persons. Bangalore International Airport's helicopter landing pad is on Secondary Access Road, near the Blue Dart Warehouse. In Electronic City Phase 1, the helicopter landing pad is situated on the grounds of the ITI, behind the C-DOT facility. Rs4.130 per ticket per taxi per person (Rs3.500 + GST).

These include the trip from the Bangalore Air Base to the heliport on the site. Everything that goes beyond this can be sent overland for an additional charge via CarterPorter, a third-party logistical services provider. HeliTaxii offers companies a first promotional rate of Rs2,950 (Rs2,500 + GST) per place. It is also possible to rent the chopper if you fly between 10 and 15 o'clock.

You have four possibilities to reserve your place in a Heli-Taxi: In this way you can pre-book a seating position a few and a half day before the scheduled date of the trip. If you use the'Fly Later' checkbox, select the destination and enter your pick-up and drop-off information (Bangalore/Electronic City Airport). It is also possible to reserve a seating upon arrival at Bangalore International Airport.

When departing from Bangalore International Airport, please make sure you reserve your seats at least four hours in advance. When departing from Electronic Citycentre you can reserve it up to 1 lesson before the departure. Bangalore Heli-Taxi projekt is an enterprising effort to shorten the journey times between the airports and the cities from the beginning and later within the cities.

Governments have stated that they plan to open up to 90 Bangalore helidecks, although so far only the one at the ITC Royal Gardenia on Residency Road has been approved by the DGCA. Nevertheless, the final launch of the Bangalore based chopper taxi services is good news, especially for dreamy corporate travelers who need to awake at 3am for their 7am flight.

Passengers with reduced mobility can use HeliTaxii to organise a chair between the air base and the helicopter landing pad.

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