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Payment by phone

To make a payment by phone, use the phone number on the Contact Us page. Like, I have to make a payment. Activation/Cancellation, Payments and Fees, Staff, Account, Cards, Product/Service.

Payment invoice by telephone

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To make a phone purchase, use the phone number on the Contacts page. Our automatic payments system is available 24 h a day, 7 d a m ay. There is an extra charge for an agency to help you with the payments. Below are the permitted ways of making a one-time phone payment:

Telephone verification, also known as EFT. Your credentials. Directly. VISA or MasterCard voucher. Coupons can only be used for one-time payment. You cannot use them to setup Auto Pay. Certain providers of complimentary greeting badges may ask you to enable or disable the badge before you use it.

To find out the exact numbers, call the support phone number on the back of your complimentary card. If you wish to make an EFT transaction from your current or deposit accounts, please enter your sort code and your current account number. Use your direct debiting or your direct debiting information if you wish to use it for your payments.

We accept most common types of bank transfer. This is your voucher if you want to use it for a single purchase. An agent can help you implement automatic phone payments. However, the only way to pay by phone for Auto Pay is by using a debit transfer. For the initiation of Auto Pay by phone there are no extra charges.

To pay my bill

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Learn how to pay your bill - on-line on this website or with the My Spectrum application, by phone, post or in person - and the acceptable means of paying. In order for us to be able to give you the information you need, click (Change) at the top right of this page and then locate your site by typing your postcode or area.

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